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Li'l Darlin's: 1955

Li'l Darlin's: 1955

Thanksgiving Day, 1955 My cousin's wife cuddles her baby, her father cuddles her doggie, Fifi, at our dining room table. Pumpkin pie remains on the plate show the meal's over, so no, Fifi was not a guest for dinner itself. I wonder how our own dog, Missie, felt about this interloper being allowed in the dining room when she was always restricted to the kitchen. Those were always my favorites of my mother's curtains, but photos show that by 1958 they'd been replaced with some boring ones. Kodachrome slide by my brother. View full size.

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Dress up

Thanksgiving 1955 was my first one too. Growing up, the only parties I can remember my male relatives NOT wearing ties to were the Fourth of July picnics.

I agree with Mattie....

Really enjoy looking at your photo's photos, they make me feel nostalgic for an era when I wasn't even thought of (I debuted in '78). Your posts are like a time machine for us "retro junkies."


The older gent is so refined in appearance. Do you know what he did for a living?

I can't believe the quality of this pic!

It's just gorgeous!

I love seeing your pictures

It's as though I've come to know your family personally and I've watched your childhood evolve as if I was actually there too. The crispness and rich color and casual, familial settings are so wonderful. Please keep posting them!


Your cousin's wife is so fresh-faced and gorgeous -- and geez, so young, like this is just the neighbor's kid she's holding for fun.

Close to the Norm

Almost Rockwellian. But there would be more pie and less Fifi.

Dream come true

Tterrace, last night I dreamed I met you. All I could think of to say was, "Keep posting those great pictures!" Thanks for listening to me. This one fits the bill.

Times They Have Changed

I look at this picture with the older gentleman in a suit and tie and think how we have downgraded our everyday appearance. I was in my teens in 1955 and my father dressed "up" when we went to my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving while I was only required to wear dress slacks, nice shirt and sweater. Now when we have family over for Thanksgiving they dress is jeans, sport shirts for the men and tennis shoes. I liked it better when we had occasions that we actually got "dressed up."

What's in the glass?

And has your cousin-in-law been feeding it to Baby? He looks like most of us feel when we've reached the pumpkin pie stage: where's a good spot for a nap?

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