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Out of the Past: 1957

Out of the Past: 1957

For 50 years I was completely unaware of the existence of this 1957 photo of me, my grandmother, mother and father until a chance event unearthed it in Italy two years ago. My brother and sister, visiting our father and grandmother's home town of Murialdo, near Genoa, mentioned my grandmother's maiden name to some townspeople, one of whom said, "Oh, maybe that's Luigi. He's usually having coffee down at the trattoria about now." Turns out that Luigi was my grandmother's grandnephew, and he had a cache of photos she'd been sending to the old country since the 1920s. This was one of them. Last year, Luigi's son and daughter-in-law visited us on their honeymoon trip to the States. Shot was taken in Calpella, California. Special guest star: our 1956 Rambler. Scanned from a digital copy of a Kodacolor print. View full size.

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Tall Mom

I doubt if you would have even noticed had the taller of the two been male. It's kind of all in our mind that men are taller which, in most cases, is true. Or, at least it used to be.

Another tterrace fan

says thanks and keep them coming. I wish I could articulate why your family photos are so engaging.

He'd better look a lot like me

You're the spitting image of Pops.

What an amazing find!

I hope we can see more from this collection.

1956 Rambler

That '56 Rambler was a close blood relative to the previously posted on Shorpy 1949 1948 Hudson that your dad had in 1954. Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator merged in May of 1954 to become American Motors. By 1958, all the company's cars were Ramblers. Your dad may have bought both the Hudson and the Rambler from the same dealer.
I enjoy your family photos.

Body by Farina

tterrace, I add my compliments to those that have preceded. I went to school in southern Michigan with a Salvatore Terrace but yeah, it's a big world.

I love that the Nash peeks in off to one side. I've not made your Italian connection until reading the comments above, but if you weren't aware, perhaps you'd be amused to know that for several decades, Nash products were styled by Batiste "Pinin" Farina, who later changed his surname to Pininfarina. Consequently, there are numerous Fiats, Lancias and such that bear familial resemblance to the offerings by Nash and American Motors

Tall mom

How tall was your mother? In flat shoes, she's got at least two inches on your father.

Beautiful California

I live in the wine country area of California, tterrace, and this picture captures the beauty of it, even to this day. Your family is just lovely to look at, and you are adorable and whoever is your soul mate is one lucky person! What a lucky find this picture was!

Bring It On

I admire how confident you are in your childhood photos. There is none of the guile or self-consciousness that adolescence brings. How do we all lose that?

Your photos & my misfortune

You are so fortunate tterrace on this surprising find. I've been following & enjoying all the photos you post. Not to mention the interesting stories that accompany all of them. I particularly like the photos with those awesome cars from the 1950's.

I was born in 1957 and all the photos taken of me starting as a baby until 1963 were destroyed in a flood that devastated our neighborhood. And after that, I was the only one in the family who bothered to learn how to use a camera. We never had a camera that had a self timer, so there rarely were any photos taken with me in them. Some people would say that with my looks that's actually a good thing!

Please keep those great photos coming.

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