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Delicious and Refreshing: 1922

Delicious and Refreshing: 1922

February 13, 1922. Washington, D.C. "Unidentified woman." Demonstrating an ingenious Prohibition-era fashion accessory, the cane-flask. View full size.


On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

I still like

the term "tipple stick" best.

Quel Chic

Looks like she set her cute little purse on the table next to her. That coat is just stunning!

18th and Columbia

On the menu it says "(illegible) FOUNTAIN". There's still a Little Fountain Cafe at 2339 18th Street, which is well within the vicinity of the other photos in this series, and remains "undeveloped." And this place is selling Welch's grape juice, same as the People's Drug Store #10.

[The menu says OHIO FOUNTAIN - Dave]

Cane Capacity

Inquiring minds want know and some want to drink. The patent description didn't say how much it hooch it held.

New hero of the day:

James E. Hale, inventor of the cane flask.

I admire the entrepreneurial spirit (pun intended) behind the man who actually patented the cane flask in 1888. Among the claimed improvements: "The above construction forms a convenient arrangement for carrying liquids, and its portability affords great convenience to travelers."


That bird's got moxie.

Don't forget to limp

Of course, a sudden increase in the number of healthy young women with canes wouldn't arouse any suspicion whatsoever.

The shoes may be matronly

but I would bet her feet didn't hurt at the end of the day!

Waxing Poetic

She's darned cute,
And she has her own flask.
If you want a toot,
You just have to ask.

I want

that hat!!!!

Sensible shoes

With tequila shooters in the heels, no doubt.

As Cole Porter said

In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, God knows,
Anything Goes.

I dig the shoes

I think the shoes look kinda sexy, a cute feminine vamp on men's oxfords. My late grandmothers, born circa 1900, could tell us how these looked to contemporary eyes.

Never mind the stockings ...

What's up with those "sensible" shoes?

I like the stockings...

... but the shoes are a little matronly for my taste.

Silk Stockings

Maybe unattractive now, but these expensive sheer silk stockings were the bee's knees when she wore them, and were an infinite improvement over the thick and saggy cotton and/or wool stockings that were more common. These don't wrinkle or droop on the calves, or bunch-up on the tendon over the back of her shoes. And in 1922 the appearance of a woman's stockings in public was still a very new topic. How they looked was still less of an issue than the fact that you could see them at all.

Pour Deux

I hope she has enough for two in that cane!

On second thought

I just sent a comment about the introduction of nylon stockings. Please delete the word "attractive" as in "attractive young women from the past." It really has no relevance to my comment.

Hoisery Then and Now

Every time I see attractive young women from the past, I am sympathetic for their having to endure the unflattering stockings available then. It reinforces my understanding of the excitement that accompanied the introduction of nylon stockings.


Three's a crowd? Love those great ice cream chairs.

I know, I know!!

My vote would be for rum in the cane! Nothing goes better with Coke!

I'll bet..

it's not Coca-Cola in her cane.

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