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We're No. 66!

We're No. 66!

Très excitement. Ken informs me that Shorpy is No. 66 on PC Magazine's list of the Top 100 Websites of 2009! (Yes, this is the kind of fluff incisive reportage magazines run in the summer so the staff can go on vacation, and we're happy to take part.) I want to thank tterrace, Stanton Square, Joe Manning and everyone else who has helped put us, if not on top, at least solidly in the top part of the bottom third! [UPDATE: Even though we are the 66th website on the list, Kyle at PC Mag tells us the results are not a numerical ranking but rather the results of voting on two groups: Top 50 "classic" sites and Top 50 "undiscovered."]

On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

PC Mags

I remember religiously reading all of my PC magazines every week or month and now you barely need to look at them. A quick Google search will find you whatever you need to find. Also, by the time you would get the mag, the stuff in it would be half obsolete.

Not bad...

Not bad considering 95% of the photos posted here come from US government archives and are not yours, even though you have the audacity to scrawl your name all over them.

[A common misperception -- people thinking we just re-size images from the LOC archive. - Dave]

Take a bow Dave!

You've earned it. And thanks for letting me be a small part of a great website.

re: Wow!

Oops, I'm not an anonymous tipster. I'm Maharg. Oh well.


When I first came upon Shorpy in 2007, I wondered at how much fun it was and how interesting and historic were the great photos. It has been especially fun for me to learn about the glorious and not-so-glorious past in our Nation's capital. What an eye-opener! Over time, I've learned that you, Dave, have special insight into the past and are a sacred caretaker of it through your work with these great photos and the copy that goes with them. I echo many of the sentiments herein. I too open Shorpy each morning when I get to my desk at the paper and drift off into the past--all on company time, dontchaknow. I predict you'll make at least No. 56 before next summer rolls around. Maybe I'll be retired by then and can spend all day on Shorpy. Congrats!

I thought everyone knew already

Congratulations, Dave, this is a great site! We've all known that for a long time, and now I guess everybody else knows.

SHORPY is a wonderful website!

#1 in my opinion! Time spent here never ends up feeling like wasted time. Shorpy is fundamentally different from other websites, even down to the people who look at it! Everyone here uses complete sentences!

Hoorah for Shorpy and its marvelous photographs!


Congratulations on the well-deserved honor! I'm vicariously honored as an admirer, an addict, and a member.

I knew this was a great site the first time I chanced upon it.


Way to go, Dave, Ken and all the Shorpyites!


Well done, Dave and all the Shorpers out there! This website teaches me more about American history, from the sublime to the infinitesimal, every day.

Good news

I've been obsessively lurking Shorpy since early 2008. I'm glad to see a truly good site getting recognition for once. Congrats!

Number 66?!!!

This site should be in the top 10.


Job well deserved.

Top Three

For me (anyway, and FWIW) along with Jim Lileks's site -- and Kevin Walsh's magnificent "Forgotten NY."

Bloody well done, old chap!

Great job on being listed among the 100 best websites. I love Shorpy. It's the first site I check after reading my email. The photos are always different and they take me away from the crazy Rhode Island drivers and let me escape for a few minutes each day. keep up the good work and I will spread the word.

Shorpy forever!!

Let's spread the word!!!!

My Grain of Sand

Dave, Ken, Shorpy, et. al.

Had to add my congrats. I echo the sentiments expressed by the legions.

At first visit I knew the site would endure because of your consistent excellence in photo selection & preparation - how could it not? This must be applauded. I never gave a thought to how popular the site is overall, but it is no surprise. Also, it's my #1 favorite link.

The range of subjects keeps me coming back. I often ask myself, "How many can there be?" From the architectural gems (e.g., "Spring Break: 1890" and Shulman's work) to the continuing saga of the soggy swimsuit, I'll keep tuning in to the same bat-channel at the same bat-time to see them all.

My #2

Contgrats Dave, that's fantastic. Shorpy is my #2 - The Boston Globe's "Big Picture" is at the top of my list.


Great web site ... every day with Shorpy.
All the best! -- Vel in Croatia

Another Lileks referral

I recall the first day I checked this (can I say "our"?) site. I stumbled across a lengthy discussion of the wheel rims of a presidential automobile. After a lifetime of expressing exasperation at movie scenes with incorrect historical details, I knew this was my kind of place and my kind of people. Thanks to Dave and Ken, and all the contributors past and present.

My favorite

I got tired of looking for Shorpy in the "Favorites" section all the time so ... I just made it my home page!

Love Shorpy!

I am a Shorpy addict!! If I miss 2 or 3 days I can't wait to catch up on the newest postings and reading the insightful and sometimes funny comments.

To think I found this website on my own about 2 years ago. I have since been spreading the word, showing others the website and passing on the web link.

Keep it coming!!

Here's to you

A job well done, every day. Thanks for all your hard work.

Kyle @ PC Mag

Awww, don't call it fluff! We spent two months compiling this list! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that the websites in the story aren't ranked. My committee looks at thousands of websites, votes on each one, and averages the votes to get a score. Top 50 "classic" sites and Top 50 "undiscovered" or new sites are in, and they're sorted alphabetically and by category, not by score. Heck, you could be #1! :-)

In any case, we're fans!

[Thanks Kyle for the update, and for your work in putting the list together. - Dave]

Interesting and Fun!

During the past year and two days Shorpy has been part of my morning routine, along with the first cup of coffee. Pretty important by any standard. But, really, the PC Magazine description of Shorpy does not capture the spirit, depth and fun of this wonderful site.

Congrats to everyone at Shorpy headquarters.


A must-see site every day. People at work often ask where I find the interesting new wallpaper every day and I show them your site. Thanks for all the history lessons.


Congratulations Dave & everybody who feeds this amazing web site with photos and comments all day long!

Since some months ago I became a Shorpy's addict and at least once per day I need to log on!

Millions of websites?

I know of only 100, so being number 66 is only OK.

Great News!

Right now, the original Shorpy is looking down on us and smiling! By the way Dave, doe this mean you won't be cancelling our bonus checks again this year?

Great Site

This site has become a "must view" every time I log on to my PC


I log on to this site every day to see the new pictures that have been uploaded and I don't know why. I just find it fascinating to look at photos that are that old. a whole world that has come and gone before mine.
Apparently a lot of people feel the same way.

Yay Shorpy!

There are millions of websites, but only one Shorpy. Being number 66 is quite an accomplishment.


Congratulations on the recognition. Thanks for such a wonderful site to come visit and enjoy daily.

Well Done!

Congrats from another fan who discovered you through a link from James Lileks. I'm on your site every day, when I could be doing something productive.

I knew it!

I knew there was a reason that I am on your website every day! I tell everyone about it! Keep up the great work. I love this site! Thanks for all your hard work!

Hey, I knew you when!

Remember us and give a little wave when you ride by in the PC Mag limo, lighting a cigar with a C-note!

But seriously, congrats, you've brought a lot of joy to me. Creating the site showed a bit of genius. The ongoing oeuvre shows smarts and charm.


I pop in every day or so to check out you out. Cheers...

There was never any doubt

I knew you had a hit when I first visited. This is a unique awesome idea, wonderfully executed and I am glad you are getting the recognition.


In the Top 5 with me

Congratulations! Now more people will visit and will become even more popular! I'm on here every day, some days several times. It's an amazing way to sample history!

Outstanding !!! (& !!! as well)

Congrats. Everyone I've pointed to this site has been pleased and fascinated with it. -- Fan in Virginia

I'll Drink To That

A day without Shorpy would be like a day without sunshine. All the hard work (from you and your helpers) that goes into it is very much appreciated as I learn something EVERY day that I did not know yesterday. It also gets us to reminiscing about our own experiences and I have recently seen Shorpy pictures on PBS documentaries. Hearty congratulations and sincere thanks, I'm very grateful for all you do in creating this fascinating website.

Great !!!!

Congratulations from Brazil !!!

Tops in my book!

Congrats Dave and Ken! I enjoy visiting here every day for my fix of photographic history. Everything from shots of the Civil War to my old neighborhood. Not to forget the running commentary, some of which is pure comedic gold!


but not surprised!!.....Congratulations, Dave


Bravo! After checking my e-mail this is the first place I go everyday. Here's to the top 50 next year!


It is truly astounding to witness Shorpy in an All-Internets Top 100 Websites ranking. What is the world coming to when the combination of quality content and simple site-navigation is heralded on the internet?

I also can't help but note that it appears to be such a celebratory occasion that Dave has turned off his typical editorial austerity and allowed exclamation points (and even triple exclamation points!!!) to infiltrate the comment headers! Are emoticons next?

The success of this site clearly rests on Dave's shoulders and I sincerely appreciate his (and many others') thanks for my contributions.

While my Inbox has never been flooded with queries as to why I spend hours transcribing old news articles, I will nonetheless respond to the question. When I first stumbled upon Shorpy I fell in love with the high-resolution historical photos. But I was curious. All these photos must have some back-story and I wanted to find out what it was. Additionally, recognizing the power of internet search engines and archives, it was clear if someone provided the connection between the photo and the story and posted it onto a highly-trafficked website, the historical coupling would subsequently be preserved for posterity (or at least as long as the power-grid holds up). Thus a passion/addiction/diversion was born.

However personally satisfying it is to connect these historical dots, the much more meaningful experience is when my research provides a missing bond for a family or individual who has a personal connection to the photos, e.g.,

Hopefully, there are many more such undiscovered historical connections to be revealed in the future.

Congratulations Dave, let's aim to break into the top 65 next year.

P.S. My all-time favorite Shorpy comment: T. Terrace's caption, a la Lewis Wickes Hine, of the decolorization of his own photo (I still laugh every time I read it). Admittedly, best appreciated by those familiar with Hine's own bland captions of photographs documenting child labor conditions of the early 1900's.

P.P.S. It appears that many of the highly ranked websites in this survey play some sort of role in Social Networking, whatever that is. More kudos to Dave (or is it Shorpy?) for defying this sure-to-be-a-boom-bust trend.

Hats off to Dave

If I had one but kidding aside, you made this a fun and classy web site.

Dish network

I found Shorpy through Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. Now I visit Shorpy daily and haven't seen The Daily Dish since the election. Thanks, Dave. You're the best.

We've Done It!

Congratulations on your site's becoming even more famous. Imagine the rank that Shorpy would have achieved had all my witty comments been published. I'll keep on trying.


Congratulations Dave. You have an excellent site here and I am proud to be an ever so small part of it. Although I believe 66 is way too low, rest assured that this site is in my top 5. I'm sure we'll be in the top 20 next year. Thanks again and all the best.

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