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Tennis, Anyone?

Washington, D.C., circa 1915. "Women's tennis league section leaders." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.

Washington, D.C., circa 1915. "Women's tennis league section leaders." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Always the same

Sometimes I skip shots like this, no matter how interesting looking, because I know there will be comments--always a couple--like "A pack of dogs."
Really? that's all you can say about this fascinating photo?
I doubt this will ever make it into the comments, but YOU'LL see it. Please don't let the grossly sexist and demeaning comments through. What does "A Pack of Dogs" really contribute here, besides a really evil and sexist attitude?

[Entertainment value -- it prompts comments like this. - Dave]

Any passes for the woman in glasses?

Hats are dandy as well as a pair of pince-nez on a dapper lady ! I feel the tennis racquets are a sincere prop for the picture and the group was caught at a break from the game and also cooler temperature, thus the seemingly overdressed look.

[This portrait was made at the H&E studio on F Street in downtown Washington. - Dave]

Cool hat

I love that almost-cowboy-style hat on the tall girl in the middle.

Indeed, I rather wish hats would come back in fashion for everyday wear -- but it's been 40-some years now, so I guess I won't stand on one leg waiting.

Dress for the occasion

I'd rather like to see the Williams sisters, or Dinara Safina, or Sharapova, trying to play in these outfits.


One of them could benefit from some eyebrow tweezing, but they're really doing rather well.

Take-home lesson

Turtleneck sweaters will make you blurry.

My First Thought?

What a chummy looking bunch.


Sharapova they're not.


A pack of dogs.


When I see all the cumbersome clothing they wore back then for their athletic events it makes me think that perhaps the greatest invention of the 20th century was deodorant.


I rather imagine cosmetic dentistry was not a big thing then, and the procedures more painful than now.


The girl in the back left -- wearing the nifty sweater and the great hat -- has a classic all-American face somehow. Nothing glamorous, but cute, healthy and merry.

"Gold, Jerry!"

It may have been the Golden Age of Tennis but it wasn't the Golden Age of Dentistry.

Oy Vay

My eyes!!!!!

Looks to me

Looks like they all stopped at the wax teeth concession before they done got their pitcher made.

Miles of Smiles

We don't often see unanimous smiling in these group photos from this era.

Cheery gals!

What a nice group of cheerful women! Looks like sports can make you happy as well as healthy.

Thinking Ahead

A good first shot in a 'Virginia Slims' advert! A charmer.

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