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Amorita: 1900

Circa 1900. "Amorita." The beguiling lass previously seen in the guise of Thisbe, now more exotically trimmed. Detroit Publishing glass negative. View full size.

Circa 1900. "Amorita." The beguiling lass previously seen in the guise of Thisbe, now more exotically trimmed. Detroit Publishing glass negative. View full size.


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"Amorita" is identified on the negative as one M.I. Jackson -- a relative of Detroit Photographic partner William Henry Jackson, who probably took the photo.

This is Evelyn Nesbit [Not]

I believe the model is Evelyn Nesbit, the original Gibson girl (and "the girl on the red velvet swing"). Although she was not a Barrymore, she was romantically linked with John Barrymore. Just a coincidence that she looks so much like Drew!

[Below, two photos of Evelyn Nesbit above two pics of our model here. Not the same person. - Dave]

Who is she?

Does anyone know, who the photographer was and who she is? Please help.

[Subject is unidentified; photographer is unnamed employee of the Detroit Publishing Company. - tterrace]


I've been in love with this young woman since first seeing her other pics sometime ago. Thisbe? Amorita? I wonder what her real name was. I suppose we will never know.


I see, there is somewhat gloom in her eyes. Guess she just lost her man.


Amorita; I love your shoulders.

(punctuation challenged)

Imagination is All

I think the point of the photos isn't for us to know whether that is a blanket or drape or gown but for us to believe whatever we want to believe. The situation might have been entirely chaste - her dress worn in such a way that her arms and shoulders could be exposed - but our eyes see this image and our minds decide for us whether she or not she was nude under that. That's the thing about art; so much of what we see in it is what we put into it ourselves.

Teen Angel

Good Lord in heaven, she's beautiful!

A tasty wrap

Wonder if we're meant to think that's sheets/blankets/drapes (despite the fact that she's sitting in a chair), or an actual heavily embroidered gown.


She looks like she stepped out of one of Alphonse Mucha's illustrations!


I still think she's wonderful. I wonder if her skin was that lovely in person.

She Could

Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks. And all the while, I would grin like an imbecile. Just happy to be under to be under her spell.

Desperately Seeking Amorita

Scouring old newspapers for "Amorita" ---

1901: "... The new head sails and the decrease of weight above and the increase of weight below the water line had made a wonderful change. It was found that to windward in a strong breeze she could beat the Quissetta readily...."
Wait! That's Amorita the racing yacht. Let's see. . . .

1909: "... Her mantle fell upon Maasdam & Wheeler's Amorita. She is a strong, useful mare of the broody type." Wait! That's Amorita the champion horse (though I like the "broody" part)....

1911: "She is broad, deep bodied, well mounted and shows the real Percheron type." Wait! That's the horse again (I think). Let's see....

Keep digging

There has to be a Venus picture there somewhere!

Haughty + Naughty

She would be good for an example of "haughty"! Lovely but truly dangerous. What's the line from that movie -- "poison under the gravy"? Suits her to a T.

Femme de Siecle

I can only imagine what men of her age thought at the time. As for me, I'm in love.

Risque Business

She seems delightfully prone to bad behavior.

Would she be on MTV?

I get the feeling she would be on a reality show today.

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