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Heat-Seeking Miss: 1938

Heat-Seeking Miss: 1938

Washington, D.C., circa 1938. "Liana de Bayle, daughter of the Minister of Nicaragua and Senora de Bayle." Harris & Ewing glass negative. View full size.


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Lovely Coral Jewelry

Little girl is wearing genuine coral jewelry (not plastic!). Orange in color. Bracelet looks as though it might actually be a lady's necklace, doubled over to fit a child.

Liana de Bayle and her Amazing Electric Fireplace

An elderly relative of mine had a set of electric logs that looked very similar. An arrangement of sticks and twigs nailed together, with a colored lamp and a rotating reflector inside for that cozy, flickering glow.


If you look in the lower right corner of the picture, you'll see a wire. This was a popular thing in those days. Nice set of phony logs, with a red light bulb underneath.

When I was a kid back in Chautauqua, the famous Indian lore expert Mabel Powers would come to our story hour and tell tales of the Iroquois, with a nice phony wood fire with a light bulb in the middle of the floor. We loved it.

No doubt..

the best title of the year, in my most humble opinion.

Liana Debayle Lagos

The Hispanic practice of retaining the mother's name as a surname after the father's helps to identify little Liana, whose family had been part of Nicaragua's ruling elite for generations. Born on October 21, 1933, she was the daughter of León Debayle Sacasa and his wife Ena Lagos Salvatierra, and had one younger brother, León Antonio Debayle Lagos. Liana's grandfather was a famous and politically powerful Nicaraguan physician, Luis Henri Debayle Pallais, whose oldest daughter Salvadora married Anastacio Somoza García (against her father's wishes). Somoza was president of Nicaragua at the time this photo was taken. Liana eventually married Luis Cardenal Argüello, with whom she had six children. It seems quite likely that Liana is indeed the attractive lady with the Facebook listing linked here. Her family's extensive genealogical index was published in the online April-June 2008 Bulletin of the Costarican Academy of Genealogical Sciences.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Splendid use of tint here! D. W. Griffith would be proud.

On Facebook!

Preternaturally camera-savvy

Says Time magazine, two years later:

"Starlet of the day was seven-year-old, barefoot, pinafored Liana De Bayle, daughter of the Nicaraguan Minister, and a veteran of international broadcasts. Liana recited a rhymed story of 'a little [Nicaraguan] girl I think you know,' concluded: 'I wonder if you now suspect this little Nicaraguan girl is me.'"

Veteran of international broadcasts! Who knows if she's still alive with a scrapbook full of clippings and memorabilia, lovingly assembled by her parents?,9171,795097,00.html


Photo! One of the best pictures and subjects yet. She's a delight. Total charmer!


A log fire on a carpet. It's amazing what people could do and get away with years ago that today would have every single law enforcement officer all over the parents for putting their child in danger.

I sort of like some of the less politically correct older days, but still.

Carpet, drapery, wood--remarkable.

The Mystery of the Burning Carpet

Why are these logs burning in the middle of the carpet? Or are those electric logs? Where is the fireplace? There seems to be smoke but no fire apparent. I am so confused.

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