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Mercado de San Marcos: 1890s

Mercado de San Marcos: 1890s

Aguascalientes, Mexico, circa 1890s. "Portales of the market of San Marcos." Glass negative by William Henry Jackson, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.


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This scene could have been from the 1980s when I lived in Mexico; less has changed than MORE has changed.

The blankets and hats, the portales...all there just twenty years ago. Maybe it still is.

You're in Hot Water now

The protrusions on the building across the street are Mexico's version of rain gutters, a very common site in Mexican architecture.

Having raced in the world famous La Carrera Panamericana, considered the most dangerous and grueling race in the world, I have seen many locations throughout Mexico that resemble this exact scene. In fact when I first saw this photo it looked to be an almost exact replica of the one in Morelia Mexico.

La Carrera Panamericana begins near the Guatemala border and continues all the way back to the United States and Aguascalientes is one of the cities we stop in over night.

When I mentioned this photo to a friend who lives near there he wrote, "It is the Old Parian, the market in downtown Aguascalientes, the picture is from the first version, that was demolished in the 50´s, then the second until the 80s and the new Parian now has many levels including underground parking."

Third Hombre From Right

Looks like his interest in hats is taking yours.

What the???

Does anyone know what the heck the protrusions from the building opposite are? I could almost imagine them being rifles pointed at the unsuspecting fellows across the way.

[Those are drains. - Dave]


A clean local market. Swept sidewalks, plenty of goods on offer, well maintained buildings, even electric lighting! This is obviously a place of prosperity. Even the young lad in the foreground has that "I'm going somewhere" look about him.

Gives lie to all the spaghetti western portrayals of Mexican towns.

For all your needs...

As long as all you need is a hat.

Sombrero Central

There are some mighty fine looking lids in this market. No wonder all of these guys are sporting hats. Well, maybe the sun had something to do with it.

Watering Hole

Hot waters. Sister city to Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. Hats off to you!

Packing heat

I bet those guys didn't have issues with concealed carry.

A Fistful of Dollars

would probably buy this entire marketplace (and the employees). I see Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood in earlier days. Now I need to go to Chilino's for my favorite Mexican lunch of chimichangas and refritos frijoles. See what you started?


Dave, do we know where this was taken? I mean, in which city? Thanks!

[Aguascalientes, which I have added to the caption. - Dave]

Curious George

Now we know where "the man in the yellow hat" shops.

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