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Eastern High: 1935

Eastern High: 1935

Washington, D.C., 1935. "Eastern High School." National Photo Company Collection acetate negative. View full size.


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Where the boys are?

43 students and one teacher (3rd row left). Only 6 males. Was this photo taken in September when the boys were still working the fields, or is this the home economics class?

[I'd venture to say that the number of Eastern High boys "working in the fields" in 1935 was zero. - Dave]

The Shining

I cannot get over how much the girl in the white shirt looks like Drew Barrymore! The photo reminds me of the end of The Shining when the camera zooms in on Jack in the front center of the Fourth of July Ball in 1921. (Which was in fact a real photo with Jack superimposed.)


My mom went to Eastern High School during WWII. She eloped to marry my dad, a graduate of Anacostia High who was in the Navy.

I think that the comment by Shorpaholic that this must be an affluent school can be put down to the fact that people didn't dress as casually back then as they do today. People cared about their appearance when out in public. Based on the stories from my mom and dad, these kids were not rich by any stretch of the imagination.

Dress code

I pray we could dress ourselves more properly. Bluejeans?? Unless I'm laying railroad tracks, I shouldn't be wearing these! Shorpy, grant me the serenity to wear high waisted skirts some more.

Just Missed Mamaw and Granddad!

My grandparents were both graduates of Eastern High School -- Mamaw was Class of 1937, Granddad 1934. Mamaw and her family (decidedly non-affluent) lived in the 1200 block of G Street S.E., near Capitol Hill; Granddad lived across the river in Anacostia, 3200 block of Massachusetts Avenue.

Both are still around, in their 90s, and always happy to reminisce about the "good old days." I can't wait to show them this photo and see if they recognize any of these folks (including the Drew Barrymore doppelganger)!

Modernization for Eastern High

November 20, 2009, press release:

City officials were joined by the student body at Eastern and members from the surrounding community who gathered at 1700 East Capitol Street, NE to celebrate plans for the historic restoration of the Capitol Hill landmark.

Built in 1923, this architectural gem of the District of Columbia, is receiving first-class restoration work,” Mayor Fenty said. “As with several of the schools recently completed by OPEFM, Eastern will have the latest technology and learning amenities while maintaining the beautiful exterior of the original facility.

The updated facility will be ready for occupancy in Aug 2010 and will include restored terracotta flooring, a cyber café and an enclosed courtyard all constructed according to LEED Silver standards.

On the, Eastern High is rated 1 out of 10, "based on its state test results."

Another Celeb.

And the one to the right of Drew looks just like Madonna!

Exotic Beauty

Fanhead, you are absolutely right. The first time I saw this photo, hers was the face that stood out immediately. She is stunning.


The very back row-far right. Poindexter's grandfather. ("Revenge of the Nerds")

The Group

I believe this is the drama club. That would explain why they are all so good looking, and so few men.

Then and Now

Eastern High is currently closed, and undergoing renovation. The students, 99 percent of whom are African American, are spending the school year in temporary classroom trailers. 61 percent of the enrolled students are eligible for free lunches.

What's on her mind ?

I wish I could read the mind of the pretty youg girl on the left in front of DiCaprio. Quite attractive.

War clouds

The male/female ratio definitely favors the boys, many of whom likely served in WW2. (My Granddad was married with kids by 1936, and he still got drafted late in the war.)

Some great-looking folks here, indeed!

Drew's shoes

No one has mentioned the girl second row left, peeping from behind her friend's shoulders. I want to be friends with her!

What kind of shoes is Drew Barrymore wearing? They look like Reebok Classics!

C'mon guys you're slipping

Where are the comments on that gorgeous young lady on the left standing behind DeCaprio? She is beautiful and very contemporary looking.


The difference between the self-assurance shown on these faces compared to previous school photos is remarkable. Even their manner of dress is individualistic -- no penguin group photo here! The depression is on the wane, the future looks bright. What they do not know is that WWII will suck up many of them to do battle although, because of their age, they may very well be holding down the home front and, only incidentally, profit from it.

What a good looking bunch of kids.

I can only assume that this was an affluent school. They all look so well dressed and happy. Lot's of pretty girls with modern "faces." The young fellow on the 3rd row from the bottom on the left, could be Leonardo Decaprio's long lost brother. Nice picture!

Hi Mom!

This would have been my mother's class except she was in Mississippi - when she was 15. It is amazing how grown up they all seem to think they are, and yet still children.

I guess we all go through this stage. Some look ready for anything, some for nothing at all! We had all the same types in 1965.

Whip it

What's with Tastee Freez boy in the back? Quite the cut-up!

Where the Boys Are

There are only eight males in this class. Several men who I worked with, when they were older and I was a mere kid, had only one or two years of high school because they had to support their families. Yet these men were avid readers and learners. Things have changed.

Before they were famous...

Drew Barrymore - front row middle.
Matt Damon - third row left side.

Lady in White

The woman in the front row center with the white top looks EXACTLY like Drew Barrymore. Eerie...

Drew Barrymore in the middle?

I didn't realize she was that old!

My kind of school

Three gals for every guy!

Eastern alums

Google's street view shows the building still standing. Looks like the old place hasn't changed much.

Any survivors of this group would be in their 80s. Couple of cute chicks, though, even in those dark ages.

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Odds are Good

That at least one person will have their eyes shut when the shutter clicks! Never fails!

Rip Van Winkle High

Maybe it's the clothes but that's the oldest looking group of high schoolers I have ever seen. The one in the front center with the white blouse looks like Drew Barrymore, too.

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