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Just What He Always Wanted: 1962

Just What He Always Wanted: 1962

In answer to numerous (well, two) requests for the companion shot to Just What I Always Wanted, here's my brother feigning delight over a box of handkerchiefs. Unlike the vase I was holding, this really was one of his presents, lucky him. Back in 1962, I cleverly captioned the slide mount: "How nice." The general dearth of presents under the tree leads me to believe this is after Christmas day. Another bounce-flash shot; according to my note on the mount it's Kodachrome II, which had been introduced the previous year. View full size.

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tterrace's bro

He made it to the big time. This image has been appropriated as a promo for the Jalopy Journal's "Hokey Ass Message Board" calendar:


It's remarkable how much change-- with respect to fashion, design, politics, communication, and society at large-- was packed into the breathless five-year breathless year period between 1963 and 1968. I suppose we experience something similar today with information technology, but change in every other respect seems glacial by comparison.

His father's son

Looks just like his dad at a much younger age, with a hint of Mom.

Brother with the Datsun?

Is this the same brother as the one in this shot?

It's really interesting to see those major shifts in style through the lens of an individual, particularly a male, since men tend to be a little more insulated than women from the biggest fashion changes. He looks great, either way, totally cool.

Henry Mitchell!

tterrace's brother bears a strong resemblance to Dennis the Menace's dad on the TV series with Jay North. My sister was in love with him and his professorial, intellectual good looks. She did end up marrying a similar looking fellow. The glasses are cool again today, great photo.

Marry me tterrace

A shot from the set of Mad Men. Oh..wait.


I bet he is thinking "I wish I had runny nose right now so I could blow it on one of my new handkerchiefs. But, golly jeepers, they are nice! I almost hate to use them."


That would be kinda a stylish sweater even today. Amazing how some things don't change.

Kodachrome II

I miss those deep colors -- especially the reds.

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