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Miss Moffett: 1923

Miss Moffett: 1923

Washington, D.C., circa 1923. "Miss Jane [Janet] Moffett, daughter of Admiral Moffett of the Naval Air Service." National Photo glass negative. View full size.


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I love that dog and her shoes! Her eyes are spooky.

Definitely cool shoes

I know that many people -- women and men -- are seriously into shoes. I am not. Much of this has to do with my own foot size and its status on the Bell curve of profitable sizes. But, damn! Manolo is right. Those are the best shoes I have ever seen In My Life. If I saw those shoes "in the wild," I imagine I would be flirting with an urgency and dedication that would shock all but the most callous roue.


People fashions may change over the years but dogs are timeless.

They Blinked

Once again a flash powder shot catches the subjects' eyes both open and closed in the same exposure, with the characteristic eerie zombie cataract effect.

Shorpy Lanes

Bowling shoes!

Janet the Aviatrix

Lest we forget, Janet has previously appeared sitting in a plane and pinning a medal on President Coolidge.

Moffett Field

Following the death of Rear Admiral Moffett in 1933 in the Akron's crash, California's Airbase Sunnyvale was renamed Moffett Field in his honor.

You Can Have the Shoes...

But I think the snood is really sexy. As they say in Scotland, "Tha snood is good!"

Admiral goes down with ship

Ten years after this photograph, Admiral Moffett's airship, the Akron, crashed in bad weather off the coast of New Jersey, killing him and 73 of 76 crew and passengers onboard. It spelled the beginning of the end for the Navy's use of rigid airships.

Asked an expert: Where can I find these shoes?

Sadly, they do not seem to be readily available.

Ladies' Brogues

Actually, losing the wingtips make them "Half Brogues." Very traditional ladies' outdoor walking shoes. The holes and the outer seaming are supposed to make them dry more easily - after tramping through dewy grass, apparently.

Theses are the shoes described as "sensible brogues" in all the Agatha Christie novels of the '20s and '30s. I wish they were still around.

Curds, Whey , etc.

So that thing she's sitting on is a toffet?

Fashion-Forward Footwear

Those are an early incarnation the classic Spectator Shoe.

Happy Pup

Some dogs have the ability to smile


Everything was itchy back then. But I love the shoes.

Miss Moffett's Web

She should rethink the hair net. Otherwise, she's got something going for her despite the odd scarf/sweater combo. She seems to be staring just beyond the camera.

From scratch

I wonder if her outfit is itchy or soft.

Very Important Message

I like doggie!!!


Does Shorpy have a "Cool Shoes" tag?

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