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Manuel Labor: 1911

Manuel Labor: 1911

August 1911. Fall River, Mass. "Group containing the following boys who work in the Sagamore Mfg Co. Manuel Correira, 144 Cove Street, works in Spinning room on top floor. Said, 'I only help Mother.' He was apparently 13 or 14. Manuel Oliver, George Street, works in card room. Seems surely only 12 years old. Manuel Benevirdes, 30 Otto Street, works on top floor. Manuel Rage, 51 George Street, works in spinning room on fourth floor. John Oliver, 93 Slater Street, works in spinning room on third floor. Joseph Ariuda, 23 Shorr Street, works in spinning room on third floor." Photo and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine. View full size.


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I believe the correct surnames must be Correia (Correira), Oliveira (Oliver), Benevides (Benevirdes) and Arruda (Ariuda).

Everybody Vogue!

I love the poses these kids have struck. Do you think it was on purpose or at the photographers request? They sure are a cute little bunch. Those two on the left look full of fun.


I'm not sure why but the umbrella seems like an odd item in this picture. Also the ladies in the back. . . I wonder what their relationship is to the boys and/or the building. This site is sucking way too many hours from my day but each picture is more fascinating then the last.

Expecting rain

Does the guy on the far right know something nobody else does?

Lizzie Borden Axed Her Parents....

...and their home still exists in Fall River, Mass. on a list of historical places. The town was brimming with endless large and small textile and knitting mills of all sorts in the l8th, 19th and 20th centuries. When I lived close by in the late 1950's,early 60's, one could actually have a sweater knitted to one's own specifications (color, size and style) for a relatively low price, about $10 to $15 and I did take advantage of that. No more though, those days are gone forever, but I did love those sweaters.

Too poor for shoes?

Judging from the clothing it's not summertime. Yet three of the boys are at work barefoot.

[A good hint as to time of year can be found in the very first word of the caption. - Dave]

Manuel Labor: 1911

Fall River is one of several cities in southeastern Massachusetts with a large population of Portuguese immigrants, so there would have been many Manuels living there at the turn of the century. Still, I wonder if Hine thought these boys were trying to play a joke on him.

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