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The Wood Bomber: 1942

The Wood Bomber: 1942

October 1942. "Preparing a model of the B-25 bomber for the wind tunnel at North American Aviation's plant at Inglewood, Calif." More here and here. Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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"Hint: Safety"

I too am in the "Protect the floor from scratches" camp mentioned in the comment by "Born40YearsTooLate" .

Dave, could you please elaborate on your "Hint: Safety" addendum.

[Shoes, hats and other potential projectiles are banned in wind tunnels lest they come off if the fan comes on. - Dave]

Could it be possible

that wooden mock-up model would have been saved to a museum??

No shoes allowed

I notice that the technician is in stocking feet, so I'm assuming that's to protect the floor of the tunnel from scratches that could throw off calibration or introduce drag.

[That's not the reason. (Hint: safety) - Dave]

Nice Memorial Day reference.

Two comments/thoughts:

1) I grew up in the panhandle of Florida next to Eglin Air Force base as the son of a USAF civilian defense worker in weaponry. There are no less than six abandoned airfields in the general area which were used as satellite strips dating back to pre-WWII.

One of them was used to train Doolittle's raiders in getting the Mitchell off the ground in 300' as training for their upcoming USS Hornet launch (which was only known to Doolittle at the time until they were under sea and ready to launch). The last I checked about 20 years ago, the white stripe marking 300' was still there on the old runway they used. I do not see it on Googlemap's satellite overhead now though.

2) There is a scratch built giant 1/3 scale (!) B-25 R/C model out there. It is incredible to watch. This looks to be about a 1/5 scale. Here's said 1/3 scale and you can tell the enormous size difference with this model based on the guy in the back and the twin tail separation distance with his shoulders for reference:

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