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Eggs in Nest: 1925

Eggs in Nest: 1925

Washington, D.C., circa 1925. "Howard University classroom." On the blackboard: egg recipes. National Photo Co. glass negative. View full size.


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Love the soap dispensers

What a neat idea. Simply flip it upside down to dispense the soap. Now all these cheap soap pump dispensers that never work are gonna get thrown out!

It's 1950 here

We eat shirred eggs regularly. Good stuff!

The egg and I

Shirred eggs are simply baked eggs, cooked in the oven, either in buttered ramekins, in cream or in sauces or surrounded by other foods such as eggs baked in Italian Spaghetti sauce, Mexican salsa, or rice or grits or topped with cheese, etc. They are a bit tricky to get just exactly right, the whites should be well-done but the yolks should be runny. We used to make them years ago for a large family, done in muffin cups, you can make 12 at a time. They would be difficult for restaurants to get just right, (just slappin' 'em on the griddle and fryin' 'em up is a whole lot faster and easier). Anyone interested can just type "shirred eggs" into their search space for lots of recipes. I also have to say that I noticed that the countertops in this picture are in a pattern very reminiscent of the chicken wire used at my grandfather's chicken coop in the mid-40's. I'm pretty sure these ladies all mastered the art of good cooking eventually, they look serious, ready and eager to learn.

Low Sodium

I had never heard of Shirred Eggs. Baked in a ramekin, apparently. Is the last ingredient really "3 Grains of salt"?

Shirred Eggs

Whatever happened to shirred eggs? They appeared frequently on railroad and ship menus before WW2 but had vanished by the fifties. I've never seen them offered anywhere in my life.

Bad instructional design

Those spidery stoves would have made it easy for the teacher to grade what's in the pan, but they wouldn't have instilled good "muscle memory" in the students. Cooking at eye level is a different experience from cooking at waist level!

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