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Waffle Shop: 1950

Waffle Shop: 1950

The Waffle Shop, 522 10th Street NW, Washington D.C. Circa 1950 photograph by Theodor Horydczak. View full size. The diner still exists but is about to close. This, kids, was the epitome of fast food. (McDonald's? Beh.)


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Ah Memories

I remember eating here many times in the 70s when the neighborhood was sort of run down. It was just across the street from Ford's Theater.

Best Breakfast In DC

The Waffle Shop was the best place to have breakfast in DC before it closed. When my wife and I last ate there a few years ago, we sat in the 3rd and 4th seats from the right in the picture. We had an enormous breakfast including steak and eggs, waffles, bacon, juice, etc. which were all great and made better when the check came to a little over $9. Although the place wasn't nearly as clean as it is in the photo, which merely added to its ambiance (my guess is that the dust which began to accumulate as soon as the shutter clicked on this shot was never cleaned until the place closed). I sure do miss that place.

Squeaky Clean

This is cleaner than almost any restaurant out there today. I wish there were places like this today, the food would probably be edible too since today mostly what is available is really crappy.

I want waffles with ice cream NOW

Beautiful, efficient and appealing design. A real soda fountain! Tell me again why the present is better than the past, because I've forgotten.

I want to go there.

That's a good looking joint.

Waffle Shop 1950

I see the cool "tabletop remote" jukeboxes! Don't see those anymore...or old cash registers either.

This is fantastic.

This is fantastic.

i wanna go! mw

i wanna go!

Waffle Shop

The Washington Post did a story on the Waffle Shop a few months ago, along with a slide show. Nowadays it has what you might call that lived-in look. The mirror running along the wall makes the place look twice as big.

Looks immense

The ceiling appears to be tilted at an angle. In this image, that provides a forced perspective which makes the interior look immense.

I also love the shine on everything. I'm kind of curious what the interior looks like now.


As previously stated, (I think I blogged before) I am an elementary school teacher and this site will help put an end to those quizzical looks when I tell about the dark ages with no video games, no computers and no cell phones. 5th grade in California studies US History and the turn of the century is a great time to go back to first.


Will every image shown be available as a print? I'd certainly be interested in this one. [Done! Print link added to caption. - Dave]

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