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Five Stars: 1927

Five Stars: 1927

Washington, D.C., circa 1927. "Thayer Studio." No further information on these lithe and lissome lovelies. Harris & Ewing glass negative. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

Not raving beauties, but me likey #5

Her face appeals to me the most of all, though I think this may be an unflattering picture of her. I would expect a better picture of her to be stunning.

A Long Wait

Go easy on the girls -- hair spray would not be invented for another 21 years.

Number three for me, please.

Nice eyes, cute overall.

Girl # 1: Shoes = 10;

Girl # 1: Shoes = 10; overall looks = 2 (Hair is **awful**, face is fug)

Girl # 2: Shoes = 9; overall looks = 6 (not bad but just kind of old; looks just like my Italian grandma at the same time...but she was over 30 and had had 3 kids).

Girl #3: Shoes = 4 (are they even dancing shoes w/ no strap??); overall looks = -1 (yikes)

Girl #4: Shoes = 9; overall looks = 9 (sweet face but those thunder thighs lost her a point)

Girl #5: Shoes = 7; overall looks = 8 (not as cute as #4)

Also, please send shoes in size 8½ except #3.


I'd like some of these inane commentators to show pictures of their fabulous selves if they are going to take cheap and offensive (and oh so predictable) shots at these girls.

Actually ... I think number three is adorable and all these ladies seem to be beautiful in a way that is refreshing. They don't seem to have that jaded burnt out look from today.

Come on then, get a eighty year old outfit on ... and show your stuff.


The one on the far right has the eyes of the undead.

I can't like it!

In other words, it's not growing on me.

One of Each

If each girl could please send me her shoes in ladies size 7½, I would be most grateful. Thank you.

[Why not live large? Two of each! - Dave]


That first girl on the left must have had some stunning blue eyes. Even in black & white they stand out and I love her hair and shoes!


#3 looks like Peggy from "Mad Men."

Coincidentally, this photo could also be titled "Clock Stopper"

I kid, I kid.

The Poor Man's Rockettes

Okay, this may be the "D List" of chorus girls but sometimes we have to settle for whatever we can get. If you can't afford a Ferrari, you have to settle for a Hyundai. They all get you where you need to go.


I didn't know it was possible for a photo to cause physical pain, but this one makes my eyes hurt.


#3 & #4 have won me over! HAWT! Just love their angelic faces. 1-3 - meh.


Only 4 and 5 look normal. Otherwise...ummm....


Girl number two has some junk in her trunk!


If only #2 could share some of that with #3!


I never expected to develop a shoe fetish so late in life.


The bottom half of the photo, anyway.

Girls Gone Wild

Let me be the first to say what most are already thinking ... bow wow, ruff ruff.

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