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Operation: 1900

Operation: 1900

New York circa 1900. "Operating room, Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Looks rough, but

110 years from now today's operating rooms will probably look equally primitive. Our forefathers did survive medical care like that, even if it makes us cringe, although they may have been tougher than we are. Joseph Lister developed sterile surgery procedures in the 1860s, but maybe they didn't get the memo in Brooklyn.

This may hurt a bit

I am very happy to live in 2010, what a change. I agree that the man at the door with the stained apron is rather frightening.

The saw says it all.

Very serious group here. The one leg does seem to be a prosthetic. The other looks to be fine, but the covering of the foot is suspicious. The man at the door seems to be waiting to dispatch the severed limb.

Anesthesia cone

Hand me the Ether, Ethel

Early Eavesdropping?

What is the object poking through a hole in the ceiling? Looks like a microphone, but it couldn't have been that small in 1900.

[Gaspipe. - Dave]

Punch is served

What is that floating in the punch bowl? It's not a good sign when even the nurses look alarmed.

Off with his leg

This shows the procedure for an amputation. Note the large bone saw and tourniquet on the patient's left leg. His right leg under the drape looks to be artificial.

Scary Scene

The doctor with the forceps about to grab another doctor's finger, the weird look on the face of the nurse standing to his right. The Anesthesiologist about to smother the patient, the 2 buckets under the nurse's table and the guy at the door preventing anyone from escaping..

Ether cone

Is that an ether cone over top of the paitent's face? Also, the guy against the door is creepy looking with his stained and striped butchers apron.

Where are the leeches?

My garage is cleaner than this "operating room" was.

I don't even want to know what the saw on the table was for.

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