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Get Well Soon: 1900

Get Well Soon: 1900

New York circa 1900. "Visiting a patient, Brooklyn Navy Yard hospital." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Elmira Gulch

sitting in the middle.

Your look will expire in 1905

Some old photos pop right out with people who look strikingly contemporary. This is not one of those.

Old Old Glory

That looks like a 30 star flag (1848-1851) behind the group.

Marine's decoration

He's wearing a pistol sharpshooter's badge -- a weapons qualification badge and not a medal per se.

The Badge on the Marine's chest

is a Sharpshooters badge. Could be for rifle or pistol. Ranks are Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert.

I never made Expert (lowers eyes sadly).

Two Pretty Lasses

Right at that moment he was probably thinking, "Are these guys and the old bat ever going to leave?"

I recognize that bookcase!

Had a bunch of those wire bookcases when I was a kid. Used them for my rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Had no idea they were that old.

That's class

I like how he took the time to wax his stache.

Shortage of Vases?

You'd think someone in this tribe would have commandeered the urinal on the floor as an auxiliary vase rather than just lay flowers on his abdomen.

Sailors Ties

Back in my Navy days I used to tie my neckerchief the way these men did. The Old School regs were that the knot would be big enough that a Boatswain's Mate could put his thumb through the knot, or that it would be the size of a pack of Luckies. For inspections, I would tie my tie according to the old regs, very unfashionable. But the US Navy is nothing if not traditional, so I was complimented by the Admiral for having a correct tie.

Right on Target

Tterrance was spot on. All we're missing in our happy little group is the Chaplain! Boy, those flowers on the bed really do make a statement: "So long, Charlie, can I have your car!"

That answers that

I was wondering about the Marine. I knew I recognized him from those other hospital shots. Poor guy. Wish I knew what happened to him. All things considered it looks like they did a pretty good job putting him back together. Oh, one other question though. What is that medal on his chest?


The faces of those women are rather scary!

Contemporary Conflict

I wonder if any of these men's injuries are from the Spanish-American War.

That poor Marine

He took one hell of a shot to the face!

[This is his third appearance on Shorpy. - Dave]

Latest hospital labor-saver

Everything you need for that ready-for-the-casket look.

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