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Grocery Run: 1940

Grocery Run: 1940

July 1940. Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. "Mulattoes returning from town with groceries and supplies near Melrose." Medium format negative by Marion Post Wolcott for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.


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I've long wondered how that was pronounced! You learn something new every day on Shorpy!

My spirit is transported

"Supplies" apparently includes a gallon of 'shine.


I've met a number of persons of color from New Orleans over the years. Many are VERY proud of the term "Mulatto" and are even more proud if they have the correct racial mix to call themselves a "Quadroon."

The good folks in the photo appear to be a mixture of mulattos and quadroons.

Isn't always pejorative

At various times mulatto has meant anything from mixed white/African heritage to Eurasian. Until 1930 it was an official US census entry. Now it's more PC to say someone is mixed race, but a few years from now that may be considered an insult. It's just a word, the use of which can be useful or hurtful.

Louisiana Creole

Creoles in Louisiana are very proud of their heritage. There is a rather large community around Natchitoches consisting of a number of families that have lived there for generations. If your curious, it's pronounced approximately "nack-a-dish."

Mail run

Looks like they also picked up the post, from the newspapers and such in the kid's hand.

That was probably one bumpy ride. Not only do the tires have no rubber rims, there are no springs, either!

Not PC

Mulatto - now that's a word that's not used very often anymore!! (and with good reason)

The M-word

"Mulattoes" meaning Creoles of various and diverse racial proportions, apparently.

Reversal of Fortune

Interestingly, the poor woman is without a hat, but wearing stockings; the poor men are without stockings, but wearing hats.

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