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Podmates: 1921

Podmates: 1921

December 1921. Washington, D.C. "Machinists Association." One of a six-photo set. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Love their modern wall phone!

Photo ID

Panoramic group shots like the one on the left wall are something of an antique store staple. This one is probably the entire office staff of the "Machinists Association" or the annual convention in Ashtabula.

Who's got the button?

Did the ladies of the '20s miss the long rows of buttons they no longer needed to fasten up, now that high-top shoes and high-collared shirtwaists were out of style? Could that explain the fad for sewing random rows of extra buttons on their clothing that we've seen on more than one Shorpy business woman of the day? Perhaps a law of fashion nature - the button can neither be created nor destroyed, only moved to a new location.

For the Gold

Identify the photo on the wall on the left.

To the bitter end

Pencil with eraser: I still use them,when the occasion arise.

Hanging UP

The pantograph-mounted phone is a real nifty touch.

Politically Correct

No girly calendars here.


Plenty of innovative ideas for arranging a small space. Everything "falls easily to hand" when needed and stays out of the way when not needed. Note especially the double-hung shades: no need to open the shade before opening the window!

Device Behind the Typewriter

Does anybody know what that device is behind the typewriter -- the vertical panel that looks like it probably held paper in place. There was one featured in another recent Shorpy photo and it looks much more elaborate than a simple paper holder.

I'm dying to know what it is!!!

[It's a Remington-Rand "Line-a-Time" copy holder. The lever advances the copy up one line each time it's pressed. - Dave]

Those were the days

when people used a pencil with an eraser on the end!

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