Our family poses for our first ever color photo in July 1951. We're joined by my godmother's son Alfred at the far left; his father is taking the picture and it's their green 1941 Cadillac on whose bumper I'm perched. Another thing that's not ours is the house; our own just-purchased summer place here in East Guernewood, California is out of range to the right next door. The only bad thing about this photo is that it was shot on Kodacolor; by now the negative, if it even exists, would be totally opaque. All we have is this 3½ x 5-inch print and, like all Kodacolor prints of that period, it's faded and acquired a predominant yellow cast. Over the years I've tinkered with it several times, and this is my latest restoration effort.* For reference, my father is 49 here, my brother almost 14, my mother about to turn 43, my sister 17, and I'm a month away from 5. I didn't have to say "cheese" for the camera; summers at our place at the Russian River were just about the happiest days of my life. *Additional tweaking by Dave. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos