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Jersey Shore: The Prequel

Ken put together this amazing Atlantic City video from stills and vintage movie footage. For maximum impact, view it in Full-Screen mode at 1080p resolution (click "Play," select 1080p, then click the icon, or else the picture will be fuzzy and small). More videos are in the works, and maybe even a DVD or two. Enjoy!

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Incredible video!

I really love old beach photos, so this video is just pure gold!
I'll take for good the promise that it will be more videos.
This one is just fantastic.
Thank you Ken and Dave.
Greetings from Argentina.


This video made me fell like I was there. I'm truly in awe! Great Job!! More please.


Absolutely wonderful.
More, more, more, please.

All I can say is....BRAVO!!!!

All I can say is....BRAVO!!!!

Beach flashbacks

Several weeks ago, the girl friend and I went to the beach at Padre Island for the day. And I couldn't help but have these old photos of the Jersey Shore running through my mind. Should I seek professional help?

Seriously, thanks to all involved for the awesome video. And to paraphrase an old song, "Thank you, Thomas Edison"!

The bee's knees! The cat's pyjamas!

That was outstanding. Those people came to life for me just now. Frolicking, laughing, splashing. I could hear the fun and taste the salt breeze.

Encore! Encore!


I'd like to know what was the most common color of swimming suits back then?


More, more, MORE!

Grand films and pictures

It was great seeing how much adults/children love frolicing at the beach and are in no hurry to get on to something else. Now everyone would be glued to their phones or ipads, I love my cell phone but it's not attached to my ear Life was simpler!!!

Thanks, Ken!!!

Just like being there

That was great. Nice to travel back to a more innocent time. There is a good one on you-tube. San Francisco 1905, Market Street.

Bravo to Ken!

And to Dave for bringing us Shorpy every day! This video is marvelous!


There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said already by others, but I will add my vote for more of this sort of glorious montage. This rich, detailed, and wonderfully appealing video really begins to approach time travel in the way it brings static images to life. I can't wait to see similar montages of other locales. Thank you!


A new dimension to your already excellent site!

I Got It!

Looked at this several times but couldn't quite figure out what makes these photos and the film so mesmerizing. But I think I figured it out. So many shots from that era, in the days before higher speed films, are posed. The people look stiff, unnatural, and very dated.

These shots are almost all candid shots. It's like you are really in Atlantic City 100 years ago, standing there observing hundreds of people enjoying the day. There is a connection and understanding to what went on that day on the beach.

So the old folks, sitting on their rocking chairs on the front porch in 1964, this was them in their young prime.


Wonderful! I love the winking girl on the donkey.

A great job, thanks so much

A great job, thanks so much for the trip back in time.

Nice One Ken!

Wow...that's just great.

^5 !

I loved this

Terrific imagery

Images like this tell us so much about who we were and what we've become. The images of both Atlantic City and Coney Island have so much wonderful architecture in them and the crowds demonstrate a wonderful public shared experience, especially interesting considering that the average work week was far longer 100 years ago. In addition, the lack of any retail chains in view is quite wonderful.

I wonder what each of the people in those images would think of Coney Island, Atlantic City and our society in general today, if they had lived to see it. I suspect, not much.

On the other hand, wearing a long black dress or a business suit on the beach to fulfill still-Victorian ideals was absurd. I hesitate to think what it smelled like.

You are spoiling us

Watching this fab video "Jersey Shore: The Pequel" was a delightful and mood-elevating surprise. I have found it totally fascinating for several years to see the wonderful pictures of the past and am grateful to you and the Shorpy staff for giving us a deeper understanding of the lives of our ancestors. This brilliant piece of work today tops everything else and conveys the feeling of the action and real atmosphere of summers at the seashore in days of yore. I thank Ken and Dave and everyone else who put forth the effort to create this step back in time, a genuine "reality show". But now you have set a precedent and we are going to want more of these moving pictures with music, action and true time-capsule scenes. It is an outstanding and joyful surprise, but now we are going to want more, (we are, after all, only aging children and the more we get, the more we want). I have watched this several times already and will again and I'm telling everyone I know about it and think it is possibly the best thing Shorpy has posted. Thank you sincerely.




WELL DONE !!! Awesome compilation to bring the beach alive. I really enjoyed it and look forward to future projects.


Thank you

Thank you. I was a real joy to watch


Thank you again Dave. AMAZING!!

A masterwork!

Usually old Edison films have a flatness that combines with the jerky motion, the antique clothing, and the old buildings to distance the viewer from the living humanity before the camera. Placing the HD photos, with their 3-D quality, at the beginning and end helps us see that the films are only a mere moving shadow, representing the joy and activity of daily life with the technology available at the time.

In the future, when all films are 3-D and immersive, shown with headgear or in theaters that surround the viewer, the flat-panel cinema of the 20th Century will look impossibly dated. It will take as supreme an effort of imagination to watch them and see "people" as if has for us when we watch old Nickelodeons.

I hope someone is as dedicated as Ken is there to bring them back to "life", by combining old and new technology as skillfully.

What a wonderful gift!

Morphology and farm subsidies

The absence of obesity is fascinating.

Oh, for the days before high fructose corn syrup!

Really Started off my Morning

Thanks to you guys. I made my Tots Tap this morning.

Thanks & well done.

A new departure. I think it's grand.

You upped the bar

Great post! You really set a new standard for a post - video, music, etc...


It's like being there -- 100 years ago!


Great video! Thanks! Looking forward to more!!

Well done, Ken.

You had some great material to work with and you did a great job!

Also WOW!

A few thoughts......everyone looks so young. Most on there were the senior citizens of the 50s and 60s.

The clothing...the youngsters all had on swimwear (it is the beach), but all males who appear to be over 25, have on suit jackets and hats, even if walking on the sand.

And where are the fat people?

WOW Indeed!

I can see it now : "K & D Films, UnLtd" What a grand departure from the regular fare. Many thanks to all involved! Yipi!

Very Nice

And the Oscar for most creative use of Shorpy postings goes to Ken.

Double Wow!

Great Stuff!


What a wonderful montage! Thanks, Dave.

[You're welcome. And thanks Ken, who made the video. - Dave]

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