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Dolly's Go-Cart: 1905

Dolly's Go-Cart: 1905

Atlantic City, New Jersey, circa 1905. "Dolly's go-cart." Behind this little princess: a pushy mother. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.


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Rolling chair

Even though these are pushed, they are still called "rickshaws" in Atlantic city.
You can still get a ride on one now, but it will cost you about five bucks or more. If you're smart you will refuse the first price that they give you and bargain for a better deal.

Around forever

They still had the double wicker carts when I was a kid going to Atlantic City in the 50s and early 60s. I remember always wanting to ride in one. They remind me of the kind of bicycle carts you can hop in today in NYC.

Some things never change

If you've been to Disney World anytime recently you'll know what I mean. There are still "pushy mothers" pushing around strollers overstuffed with older children who are more than capable of walking.

Boardwalk Rollers

This is one of Atlantic City's celebrated rental "rolling chairs," which have made numerous appearances on Shorpy. Most of them are "double chairs." Nice to have a close-up of a single.


Despite the seeming grimace on the child (the sun?) this is a sweet picture. Most of the photos from this period the children seem to be in rather purposeful tow with their parents.

And there are two dollies in this photo. The little girl has a baby nestled in front of her.

Cute Vehicle

I've never seen one of these before..for such a big girl! I wonder how Mom could see where she was going. But it is very cute and interesting.

Thank you, Shorpy!

Easter '04

The Easter Parade at Green's Hotel.

Here's an idea

Ladies, why don't we stop in here at the Green's and take a sea water bath. Then we can go out on the porch and watch these guys climb around on the billboard.

By the pound

Considering that it was 1905, their prosperity might be in direct proportion to their girth.

Why are we here?

Neither mother nor daughter seem particularly happy. The only one with a semblance of a smile is the doll!

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