OK, so how many of you out there are thinking, "Why don't I take a picture of myself now surrounded by my crap so that 31 years from now I can see what I was interested in back then? Or what my hair looked like? And maybe let thousands of perfect strangers see?" Ah, I thought so. Well, none of that was going through my mind back then; this is another from a series I took to send to a friend who'd moved out of state. Obviously, I was (and still am) into film, about two years after I'd started to collect them by taping them off TV - which, unless you collected actual film prints, was the only way to do it. No DVDs, not even laserdiscs, and hardly any pre-recorded tapes that weren't porn. A couple of Atari cartridges indicate my slight interest in video games, plus there's a bunch of comic books in polyethylene bags (the carton on the middle shelf contains a supply of empties), and up on the top shelf some paper models that my friend who helped assemble them and I liked to call "Bogens." Look it up. This was taken in my video room, again on 35mm Kodachrome illuminated by bounce flash. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos