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Nehi Guy: 1938

May 1938. Blankenship, Indiana. "Resting in front of general store." 35mm negative by Arthur Rothstein, Farm Security Administration. View full size.

May 1938. Blankenship, Indiana. "Resting in front of general store." 35mm negative by Arthur Rothstein, Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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Farmer's Guide Detective Service

Anyone have any information on that sign, or what the Farmer's Guide Detective Service was? I have a similar sign (relief lettering there, but paint long gone) that I pulled off a barn in rural Shelby County when I was a youngster. I've never been able to find anything out about it.

Not all that different

As a former Crane employee (and resident of both Bedford and Bloomington during my tenure there), I'm especially struck by this photo. This is the closest to (geographical) home a Shorpy photo has hit. Passing through the gates to Crane always seemed like entering a time warp to me...a place like this wouldn't be all that unusual there even today.


I love that they're using the railway station board to advertise the price of eggs.

Also: the Farmer's Guide Detective Service.

And can I say that, for a guy in overalls, he looks pretty damn elegant. The cap and the rolled sleeves--you don't see that anymore. Sadly.

Eggs 16 cents

My father (age 89) recalls his mother weeping during the Depression when the storeowner in town gave her only 12 cents per dozen for eggs from the farm, and not the 12½ cents that she had been hoping for.


It looks like Crane Naval Depot did indeed swallow up the town. The town cemetery is still there.

[Kind of an apt name, wasn't it? - Dave]

Someday I'll put all this comtemplating to good use

Radar O'Reilly as a young man.

Blankenship no longer

Blankenship doesn't exist any more, near as I can tell; for you fellow Southern Indiana folks, it seems it was down around Bedford. According to this map, it looks like it may have been swallowed up by Crane.

Speak, Memory

It's the photographs of people that rank among my favorites on this site, and this one is no exception. I wish I could hand this young man a penny so I could learn what occupies his mind as he stares off into the distance. He looks to be contemplating something deep, possibly conflicting, and I find myself wanting to help him resolve it.

/Armchair Psychologist

Business is slow today

It's that doggone salmonella outbreak, we are practically giving the eggs away but still no takers. Maybe the afternoon train will have some shoppers getting off. Wonder what Ma is makin' for supper tonight. One of these days I'm gonna get outta this one-horse town. Guess I'll have me another Nehi grape and pick the fly dung outta the pepper shaker. Wish I had a radio.

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