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Home Work Wagon: 1912

Home Work Wagon: 1912

August 1912. "The wagon that delivers Home Work to Somerville, Massachusetts. The owner of the wagon (who is not the driver) is O. H. Brown, 27 Main Street, Reading. These wagons (about 4 in all) are worked on commission, not owned by factory." ("Home work" here meant pre-cut cloth patterns ready to be sewn into various articles of clothing.) View full size. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine. Note the curious tassels hanging off the horse. (Answer: It's a fly fringe.)


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I swear, Elmer...... that there horse eats better'n I do.

If those were for flies I

If those were for flies I wonder how effective they were.

How ever did horses survive without humans to drape strings on them and cover their snout with a feedbag.

[It's called a fly fringe. All the fringes need to do is move back and forth a little as the horse moves to do their job. - Dave]

Guy in the tie.

I just love the guy in the white shirt and tie with his hands on his hips. You can just tell what he's thinking, "Hmm, what's that young fellow with the queer looking box doing out there in the middle of the durn street? He's looking to get run over, that's what he's fixin' to do..."


To keep the flies off -to combat the dreaded mosquito-born equine diseases.


The house after the lot has a stone marked 1905, would that be the date it was built or the address?

[Year. - Dave]

Not the Titanic

The Titanic was a 4 stacker vessel. There are only two on this ship. Could have been one of any number of other ships that brought a steady stream of immigrants to America during that period. Three of my own grandparents came here that way.


Who can ID the ocean liner in the window.


Maybe to keep flies away? just a wild guess.

[Yes, or maybe to wick the sweat off. - Dave]

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