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Pleasantville: 1910

Pleasantville: 1910

Circa 1910 comes this most agreeable vista. Who'll be the first commenter to put a name to a place? (Hint: Half the answer is already here.) View full size.
UPDATE: As many commenters correctly surmised, the city is Pensacola, Florida. The original caption: "Tarragona Street wharf, Pensacola, Florida."


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Pleasantville 1910 and the Navy

I see two very early US Navy destroyers behind the wharves.

Almost the view from my window!

I am seeing this a few days too late to be the first to answer, but I am currently sitting in my office with my windows facing that view, but I am one building to the right of where that picture was taken -- my office window faces the TT Wentworth Museum and the park.

I have bricks from the warehouse by the water tower in the picture from when it was demolished back in about 2003, I used them to build a small paver patio in my yard.

Split-level wharf

The railway docks have been built with a trestled ramp which raised the freight cars up to a higher level for loading directly from the ship when at high tide. A lower level track was on the dock itself, for low tide loading. I've never seen this before.

That tower

On the right -- what's it for?

[Looks like a fire bell. - Dave]

Even then, a major Navy base.

Notice the two early destroyers steaming along the waterfront. The one in the lead (on the right) could be either USS Smith, DD 17, commissioned in November 1909, or USS Lamson, DD 18. According to Friedman's "US Destroyers," these two (built by Cramp in Philadelphia) were the only ones with the No. 2 and 3 funnels paired. The photo shows the original low funnels; they were increased in height after sea trials.

The ship on the left is one of two built in Bath, Maine, either Flusser (DD 20) or Reid (DD 21). All these were commissioned in 1909 and belong to the last group of coal fired destroyers built for the US Navy, displacement about 700 tons, and later called the "flivvers" (lightweights) once 1000-ton destroyers became normal in the run-up to World War I.

Pensa ...

I'd guess

Spanish architecture, L&N Rail Road, and an ad for the Lewis Bear Co leads me to think Florida add in the comment about the agreeable vista and I'm going with Buena Vista, Florida.

Has to be ...

Louisville, Kentucky.


Never mind that, what about the cannons?


I will guess Pensacola, Florida, because of "The Lewis Bear Company" on the white building just to the right of the center. It was founded in 1876 in Pensacola.

L. & N.R.R.

Louisville & Nashville Railroad. I learn SO much on this site! More entertaining AND educational than normal websurfing.

The Lewis Bear Company

Lewis Bear Company was started in a town that has a water front layout like this -- Pensacola. The building across the street from the official looking building in the foreground could be the one in their 1899 ad.

Tampa, Florida

Shot in the dark.

And the city is

San Francisco?

Pensacola Florida

For Sure! That is the old City Hall in the lower left - now a museum.

Is it ...

Pensacola, Florida?

Pensacola, Florida

Nice photo. The Lewis Bear Company building mentioned Tampa, Florida. That company got me to Pensacola and after that I found the T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum which is in the lower left of this picture. Don't ask me where the cannons went.

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad went to Pensacola, but not to Tampa at that time, so that information helped, too.

Some thoughts

Well, I don't see the half of the name, but I do see that this is the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Cannot find a map of that system on line, but it did serve Mobile Alabama and Pensacola Florida.


The building just to the left of the Coca-Cola billboard building says Tampa, Fla.

[Should have stopped at the billboard! - Dave]

[Holding up hand]

Port of Tampa?

A Guess

Pensacola, FL


I'm thinking Chula Vista, California.

Chula Vista?

Chula Vista, California?

I don't know where

this is but suddenly I feel like I needa Biscuit.


I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is Pensacola, Florida. The structure in the bottom left is currently the T.T. Wentworth Jr Florida State Museum. It was built in 1907, however, and served as Pensacola City Hall from 1907 - 1985.

I'll hazard a guess

Pensacola, Florida?

And it is ...

San Francisco?

Good View

Buena Vista, California.

Lovely city on the Gulf

It's Pensacola, Florida. Here's a photo with the Court of Record still under construction. And while I don't see any dogs lying about, Uneeda Biscuit is here.

Half a Chance ...

"Bay" St. Louis, Mississippi?

The Lewis Bear Co.

Your place in Tampa Florida to get a Gonzalo Cigar

Louisville, KY

Home of Hillerich & Bradsby and the former Belknap Hardware Company.

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