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Fine and Dandy: 1892

Fine and Dandy: 1892

August 1892. "The latest style." Fashion-forward dry plate glass negative by William Henry Jackson. (UPDATE: This is a self-portrait.) View full size.


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That's gotta chafe

Those pants look a little (squeak!) high.

If I'm not mistaken

this is a self-portrait.

Bowler with a center dent.

That hat looks like a typical bowler worn at the time. This chap has taken it a step further and gave it a simple center crease. Instant Homburg.

Pants matching the suit

That's a 1970s glitch. Then again, heroin was a legal substance.

Thumbnail says

Working man, or maybe outdoorsman. Sure looks the dandy in this shot though.

[He's the photographer. - Dave]

Tiny !

By today's norm that model is a very little man. Look a shoulder width, arm length, etc. Very small, but probably typical for the time.

Butch Cassidy Style

Posing like a bantam rooster but in my opinion. The jacket is too tight. Haberdashery seems to have gone the way of high button shoes and buggy whips and I don't think we will see comfort-loving modern men returning to the excessively disciplined style of dress (like this) in our lifetime. Its hard to beat t-shirts and sweatpants for easy living and I have noticed that lately the "sleep sets" look almost like the "street clothes" so we may all eventually join the infants among us in wearing the "sleep and play" one piece soft jersey zip-ups that babies wear. Heaven help us.

Le chapeau

I rather like his hat. It's stylish, compact, well designed and sits elegantly on his head. I wish they would come back. Men used to wear fedoras until President Kennedy went sans chapeau in the sixties and started a new fashion trend for men.

Prince Albert

I guess someone let him out of the can.

One Size Larger

Looks like he's about to grow out of it. Those hands look as though they've been through quite a lot!

Handy dandy

That tucked right gives him a "lobster boy" look. Then again, that thumb is chewed enough that the rest of the fingers may not have been photogenic.

Mixed genres

The garb says Gay Nineties, the beard says Civil War general, the expression says posing for a postage stamp.

Proper decorum

I believe the right hand in a partially unbuttoned vest is the more
appropriate, sir. Oh, I see, the watch chain is in the problem.

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