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The Skeptic: 1915

The Skeptic: 1915

March 28, 1915. Washington, D.C. "Argo station wagon at Square Deal Auto Exchange." Who'll be the first to Street View this location? View full size.


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This one was easy.

It took me 3 seconds to figure out this was 14th Street NW. Walked by it many times!

Monochrome art

I've done a painting of sorts that was in gray/sepia tones like an old photo would look I guess, from a slide of my cousin in the 1950's.


Advertised price of the strippo Argo (no headlights), seen here at Union Station. Also seen earlier at the Smithsonian. Click below to enlarge.

Kinda cool

It may have a wobbly windshield, but that car is interesting, anyway. Never mind the Model T, this is an everyman's car. Too bad it was so modest, because likely nobody bothered to preserve/restore one for us to see today.

The Skeptic

The horse looks decidedly unimpressed. Somehow I don't think he felt very threatened by this new invention.

The Glass

That glass, my friends, is 100% genuine prescription windshield glass. Lower your bifocals for one moment and you will see with stunning clarity the latest innovation for the 1915 Argo!

Rrrrrr ...

Looks like the world's first hot rod.

Re: wavy windshield glass

Well it is 95 years old!

Upwardly mobile career change.

The Detroiter auto was built by Briggs-Detroiter and when the auto business went down the toilet in 1915, then Briggs built more toilets.

A black and white painting

The patina of this photo at full size makes it almost look like a painting. I'm not sure who would do a black-and-white painting, but there it is.

What's this thing?

It's on the side of the car.

[The tank's compartments hold calcium carbide and water, which combine to generate acetylene gas for the headlights. - Dave]


Yikes. Look how wavy the windshield glass is!


That's the wobbliest windshield glass I have ever seen on an automobile. I think a person would get a headache driving around in that thing.

Hack, cough

That looks like a cross between a cycle car and a depot hack.


I'll bet they spent alot of time in the poolhall next door.

Kia Rio of the past

It sure looks like a super cheap (inexpensive) vehicle of its day.


1823 14th Street NW. Now the "City Paws" pet clinic.

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