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Merry Christmas From 1954

Merry Christmas From 1954

We're all dolled up for Christmas Day and a visit by my godmother and her family. She's in front between my father and brother; her two sons in back. My squint and smirk is characteristic of my eight-year-old self. My brother is smirking because he's clandestinely clicking the shutter of my sister's Kodak Duaflex at the very instant that my godmother's husband is taking this shot. What's the deal with my sister's right hand? It's actually my mother's right hand. Restored as best I could from a horribly scratched, scuffed and faded Kodacolor print; the original is virtually all shades of purple. From all of us to all of you: Merry Christmas!

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Tterrace's uncles

I wonder if this visit was before or after the traditional visits you and your family paid to "the uncles"? Must have been busy days during Cristmas-time in those years!

Wonderful news


Merry Christmas Shorpy Friends

Made it home for Christmas Eve, surgery went well. 3 1/2 hours under local anesthesia.

Mal Fuller sez...

... in an email that he's planning on being home for Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas

Tterrace, Dave and everyone. Life wouldn't be as full without this site to visit every day.

P.S. tterrace has a hot sister.

Thanks to all and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and thanks to Shorpy, tterrace and all contributors for another wonderful year of viewing the past. I forget how many this makes for me, four, five, maybe six years, but is always one of the first sites put into Favorites.

A special thanks to Dave for letting a few of my comments post and letting me enjoy some interesting desktop backgrounds.

Mel Fuller

What Dave said! Take care!

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all in Shorpyland. And thanks for another great picture, tterrace. I recently got to peruse the pages on your Larkspur history site. I really enjoyed all the pictures there.

In this picture I can see all the family resemblances. It looks like you and your brother got your mother's chin, while your sister got your dad's.

Dave, thanks for this great site, and thanks to all the contributors. Shorpy is the first site I visit every day.

Happy Christmas to Shorpyville Residents

This whole story, the pics, the collage, the commentary ... everything ... the best Christmas gift I can think of. Very best to all at Shorpy -- my days would not be nearly as interesting without you guys. Maxine

Sgt. Terrace

Awesome, JohnHoward!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dave, tterrace and everyone. Much thanks to Dave for this wonderful site and its escape into the past.

Keep It Up

tterrace you do great work. The restoration you did on this picture is awesome.

Seasons Greetings to you, your family, as well as our hosts, Dave and Ken, all of Shorpy's visitors and Commenters (or is it commentators?). I hope we're all here for another year (at least) of good health and interesting photographs.

Merry Christmas to all!

Another brilliant family photo - thanks tterrace!

Wishing everyone in Shorpyland a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011!

Merry Christmas folks!

tterrace-Thats hilarious that the photographer got photographed! Also, being from Kansas City, Mo, I get a chuckle out of your pictures of a California Christmas. All my Christmas pictures from childhood invole parkas and snowball fights in the yard. Keep'em coming, and have a safe holliday everyone!

Pat in KC

Merry Christmas and a quick Get Well

As ever, tterrace's photos are always a pleasure and now an important part of our holiday fun too. And all best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery to Mal Fuller. I had emergency right carotid surgery the end of September last year, and I'm pleased to report that no matter how I dreaded its possibilities, it all turned out just fine. We may all love looking at photos of the past, and parking was a lot easier, but give me the latest in medical improvements every time.

To my Shorpy friends

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, especially our leader Dave and a big thank you to tterrace for allowing us many views of his world.

1954 original

Here's what the original looks like. As for my memory about the details of some of the photos: I've been looking at and obsessing over them on and off since the day they came back from the drug store. In this case, I can't remember ever not remembering my brother's clever simultaneous photo-snapping. So yes, it's a form of insanity. By the way, five of the people in this shot are still with us.

Merry Christmas Shorpy Friends

Merry Christmas too, to Dave and ttterrace from the beautiful state of New Hampshire. For me? Emergency surgery on my left carotid artery tomorrow, but home by Christmas Eve.

[Goodness. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! - Dave]

Merry Christmas to you too, tterrace.

I'm pretty addicted to this site and your photos and commentary are a big reason why. I will never forget the photo of your father that you posted last Christmas.

Obvious Question

Thanks, Tterrace, for posting this shot. That was the first thing I thought of. Oh, and a Merry Christmas to Tterrace, Dave, and to all the members of the Shorpy Brotherhood.

Many thanks.

TTerrace, thank you enormously for the pleasure that you have brought to us all through 2010.

May you and yours also have a wonderful Christmas, a safe and happy holiday, and a 2011 that is all you wish for.


Question time

I'm no kind of expert, but you must have done a good job restoring the image. Apart from perhaps being a bit dark everyone and everything in it looks distinct. Are you a photographer by trade? Also I've noticed in a lot of the pictures you post, you seem to have an incredible memory for the moment that the image was snapped; what was going on and how the image was set up. Are the photos you work from annotated? I can look at any photo I've taken in the last two years and have no recall for the details at all.

That shot

The shot my brother is taking:

Smart Fashion!

Tterrace, this group portrait was always required any time a family group came together wasn't it? I like most of all how you could watch everybody age and grow up through these gathering shots.

On the side, I think your Sister is dressed and groomed in the all time height of fashion and it's a pleasure that this style has come back just enough that you see gals sporting the same look downtown right now.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Brother's pic

Great clean up job on the picture. If it still exists we'd like to see the picture your brother snapped here!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and happy regular day for you non-celebrants!!

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