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Hotel Duval: 1910

Hotel Duval: 1910

Jacksonville, Florida, circa 1910. "Hotel Duval." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Newsstand slogan

"Papers from you name it" -- That's pretty good service!

Hogan Street

I think this may have been at the corner of West Bay and Hogan Streets. As with all of Jacksonville, there is nothing old left. When you visit it's as if the city was completely built from scratch in 1960. If you want any history, they keep it in St. Augustine.


It's hard to believe this was Jacksonville. It looks like it belongs in the Old West.

Clear Havana Cigars

None of those opaque cigars. If it's not clear, it's not here.

[Or were they "nuclear"? - Dave]

A bunch of righties

I know early cars could be either right or left hand drive, but if there were no caption to this photo I'd think we were in the British Commonwealth somewhere -- all the cars pictured have right-hand drive.

Those were the days

when policeman hung about on corners (see bottom left).

"Oldest Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida"

Wonderful looking hotel.

Great Day

It looks like a great day to be in Jacksonville. Sun is shining, grab a hometown paper from the newsie on the corner, pop over to the cigar store and buy a couple of Havanas, then over to the Hotel Duval for a cup of coffee on the balcony while reading your newspaper and enjoying the sea breeze. What's not to like? Later, take a little stroll down to the bar/saloon of the hotel and enjoy a cold refreshing glass of Piels Beer and plan out the rest of the days activities. Times haven't really changed.


Men just don't hang out on streetcorners the way they used to.

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