This somewhat faded photo of my siblings and myself was taken, I believe, around Easter 1962 or 1963 at our home on Parkdale Drive in Caseyville, Ill. My younger brother Scott is in his little sailor suit and my sister Cindy is decked out in an appropriate springtime frock. Yours truly, however, is in a flannel shirt and jeans. What I think happened is we were coming home from church and I saw some of the guys playing baseball. I ran ahead and changed quickly so I could join them. Meanwhile, my mom is digging out the camera for the obligatory Easter photo and was quite dismayed that I'd already changed. I heard about it; hence, the glum look on my face while my brother and sister are quite pleased at my discomfort. The small radio in the right of the photo looks rather insignificant but it provided the soundtrack to our early childhood years. While getting ready for school in the morning, my big brother had it tuned to St. Louis' KXOK so we could listen to the latest rock and roll songs. In the evenings during the summer, my dad had it set to KMOX so we could listen to Jack Buck and Harry Caray announce St. Louis Cardinals' baseball. To this day, I still love the songs we listened to then and Cardinals baseball. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos