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Film Crew: 1974

Film Crew: 1974

On location in Santa Cruz, California, my brother and me, garbed appropriately for the period. My Braun Nizo was something like the BMW of Super-8 movie cameras (the Bolex being perhaps the Mercedes): f1.8 11-to-1 zoom lens, lap dissolve function, 18, 24 and 54 fps filming speeds, auto and manual exposure. I see I haven't yet gotten my Bilora tripod with the super-smooth pan head. I'm 28, and already wisps of gray hair are appearing. Cropped from a 35mm Ektachrome shot by my sister-in-law. View full size.

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The latest entry, posted by CiliarySpasm.

Double Fark

Particularly clever is this one, where someone grabbed me from another Shorpy shot and stuck me into it, so I'm taking a picture of myself getting my picture taken.

Oscars? Meh. Farksters? Yeh!

Farked again! Thanks to Geo and mrdj for the alert. Be sure to check out the voting results.


I had a Beaulieu Super-8 camera with a moving mirror for true thru-the-lens viewfinder, but the exposure time was only 25% of a frame, losing a precious F-stop of speed. The F1.8 Angenieux lens was water-clear, but I ended up getting a Canon with regular beamsplitter viewfinding, normal 50% shutter, and f 1.4 lens, which offered 2 f-stops more low-light, invaluable even after Kodachrome 40 came in.

re: Central Coast Locale

Right you are, foodmonster. Just above La Selva Beach, as a matter of fact. No way I could have remembered the exact spot after all these years, but thanks to your hint, I tracked it down.

Central Coast Local

I'm pretty sure that this was taken on the rest stop on Highway 1 just south of Soquel

Delivery Requirements


YouTube might be a dandy place to upload all that converted footage that you shot, developed, and so carefully edited.

Super-8 telecine is cheap nowadays - lotsa folks doing it.

I play a bit with 16 and 35 myself, but not as my prime business.

In '74 I had finally completed my military obligations and was soon to be involved in the design and implementation of various discos and a few recording studios - so I, too, looked the part.

I grokked.
Can you relate?

Groovy Look

In 1974 I was graduating from college in San Francisco, one of the few GI Bill students, and I looked much like your brother with cranberry cords and a pseudo-sheep skin jacket over a turtleneck. Color the hair and mustache red, and it's me.

Santa Cruz local

Where in Santa Cruz was the picture taken?

Pay no attention to that man ...

He's not the man behind the site. It's me, just a user like you.

The man behind the site

Nice to finally see who's cranking out the cool old photos.

Keep us the great work!

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