My brother's third birthday, this slide an Ektachrome (E-2 process in 1959?), East Aurora, NY, again taken with my father's Minolta A rangefinder. The cousins seem to be wearing exactly what they wore to last year's party. Didn't they grow?? I (in white) put in my appearance for the first time this year. At the center of attention (for at least a few of us) is Jumbo the Bubble Blowing Elephant. You can see that my mother's favorite color is yellow, and the folksy/folkdance theme continues in our kitchen. Potholders. Swing-Away can opener. Farberware tea kettle. Green dial wall-phone (I remember our number started with NL-2). Bow-ties. I've also uploaded a picture from his first birthday. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos