Here's my contribution to that popular Shorpy genre, the unsmiling-group photo. In this case, it's because I told them all to stay verrrry still for the brief time exposure. I was using the only camera had access to at the time that could do that, an old c.1935 Kodak Junior Six-16. The negative is long gone, so I scanned this from a period print. My mother is standing in the back at center, and we're in the Larkspur, California home of our friends, the man on the couch with the shillelagh and his wife seated at right. At the left is their daughter and her husband. She was recently seen in this same wainscoted room here. The only one who moved during the exposure, probably because she's trying to restrain her squirming pomeranian, is our neighbor at upper right, the mother of one of my childhood chums. I may have known who the other couple was at one time, but no more. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos