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Digital Image Purchase

Digital Images (Hi-res TIFFs) for Commercial or Private Use

SHORPY INC • 8000 MADISON BLVD D102-111, MADISON AL 35758 • 256-715-9612

Use this form to contact us about the purchase or use of digital images. (For general inquiries, click here.) Hi-res TIFFs are much larger than even the full-size jpegs used on this web site. File sizes up to 400 mb. Details below. PLEASE NOTE: If an image does not have a BUY PRINT link, it is probably not available for purchase as a digital image.

Our client list includes IBM, Sony Music, HarperCollins Publishing and Wells Fargo Bank.

In addition to URL, please include any other details we might need.

You should receive a reply, including our rate card, by the end of the day.

Non-Commercial Use

If you are a blogger writing about Shorpy, you may use an image from Shorpy to illustrate your blog post. You may only use the small (512 pixels wide) images for this purpose. You may not recreate the entire site, sections, collections or galleries on your server or in any publication. If you use an image from Shorpy you must include a link back to either, the original post or the full-size version of the image. Do not add Shorpy photos to Flickr or other photo sharing sites.

If you wish to use an image in your blog to illustrate an article that does not discuss Shorpy, please contact us about purchaser or permission.

Commercial Use and Publishing

High-resolution versions of photos are available for use in your projects and print publications. Use the form above to let us know which image(s) you are interested in using. We will work closely with you to make sure you and your clients are completely satisfied.

If you have a specific image in mind, but can't find it on the site, just reach out to us and we can help you with your research.

Each image is extracted from full-resolution scans. We know quality is important, so the work on each image can take several hours, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done to bring detail out of the shadows, suppress overexposed highlights, and remove blemishes caused by dust, scratches and mold. Color images require correction for color cast as well. The before-and-after composites below show the condition of some of these old glass negatives a century after they were exposed, and how they look after a day at the digital restoration spa.

Above: Click here to enlarge and see final version.

Above: A more extreme example. Click here to enlarge.

Above: Underexposed, strong blue color cast.

» More before and after examples

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