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Support Shorpy on Patreon

Support Shorpy on Patreon

We now offer an ad-free browsing experience to our Patreon contributors.

Patreon is an easy way to contribute to Shorpy. In return you'll get access to special content and rewards. But, importantly, your contributions will help underwrite the cost of keeping Shorpy running and will let us make some upgrades to the site. Thank you to the loyal members who have made Shorpy a success. Support Shorpy on Patreon.

One-time contributions can be made via PayPal.

Because some have asked: Shorpy is not moving behind a paywall. We will continue our updates as usual for all to see. Think of Patreon as Shorpy Plus.

On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

The best little corner of the internet

Sorry it took me so long to notice the sidebar about Patreon. Once I noticed it, though, I grabbed my credit card and said YES. You're the best, Shorpy!

[Many thanks! - Dave]

But ... not too many changes

It is almost the last interesting thing left on the internet, however, having been on the internets for a while, I feel like decent webpages are lost and antiquated as the pictures this site shows. What I'm mean is, most webpages that become "mobile-friendly" lose a lot of content. These business pages don't tell me anything anymore. All I get is a big image with a fancy logo, and a menu, and a goofy name to boot. In the old days, pages were teeming with data, now I feel they're too simple. People don't even read words on a screen anymore.

I like the shorpy blog layout, and I really hope it doesn't come to a slideshow or some type of format that loses it's its information.

A daily treat

I always knew this day would come, and a usage fee is richly deserved. Just make sure, please, that any changes are explained using small words so those of us of a certain age understand!!


I'm more than happy to pay a subscription fee but I beg that you don't alter the site layout too much! New and improved these days is usually pretty far from it, and I would gladly pay more to ensure it stays the same.

Done, with pleasure!

I get solicitations to join Patreon for other folks that I follow online, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually signed up - a no-brainer! Shorpy has given me so much enjoyment over the years, I’m happy to be able to give something back.

[Thank you! - Dave]

Aaaaand I'm in!

I enjoy the photos (and comments) each and every day. Well worth my small contribution.

[Merci! - Dave]

Worthwhile Investment

Shorpy has been a source of joy and entertainment in my life for more than 10 years. I'm happy to throw a little something in the pot to help keep this site going. I'll echo a lot of the other comments when I say, thank you for hosting a most enjoyable community.

[Grazie! - Dave]

A Fair Deal!

Even though I could still lurk for free, it seems only fair to contribute to help improve and grow the site which has afforded me so much pleasure over the years. Happy to support you and the great Shorpy community! Thank YOU, gentlemen!

[And we thank YOU. - Dave]

Done and thank you.

Always intriguing, always a visual treat, and it's astonishing how much I have learned from the commenting multitudes.

Hey - you kids! Get off my lawn!

> compatibility with mobile devices,

I'm for it... as long that doesn't also mean "becomes unusable on desktop". A few of us old farts like our big monitors, hardware keyboards, and being able to right click.

Also, from what I've seen, most authors of mobile Web browsers are better at making sites render in a usable way than most sites are at "designing for mobile". When an older site goes mobile, sometimes they get it right, and sometimes it becomes "it renders OK on the iPhone 12 we bought yesterday - why would we test anything else?"

> streamlined commenting

The moderated comments are one of the best features of Shorpy, after the photos themselves. Hopefully the streamlining is in the direction of easier queueing/approval on the back end for Dave, Ken, et al. If you switch to the same comment system everybody else has, then all the bots that everybody else has will be able to leave comments too.

Easier posting?

Will becoming a patron at any level make it more likely our contributed photos will be accepted and posted?

[Possibly! - Dave]

With pleasure

Of course, after all these years of fun, I am glad to contribute. I have so enjoyed this fabulous site. Keep up the good work. I'll be here every day!

My pleasure

You folks are wonderful. Thanks for all you do.

Took me a minute

But then it hit me... I like SHORPY! Not as much as coffee but enough to have one less cup of it a month.


Just took the plunge!

Can't wait to see the new site. I feel it's the least I could do after nearly 5 years of enjoyment.

Thanks Shorpy.

[And Shorpy thanks you! And you and you and you! - Dave]


The wonder of it all is that it’s been free for so long. I’ve just signed up for the price of a pack of smokes per month, or a couple of beers in a bar. Excellent value.


I'd love to support you and Shorpy but the only option I see is for monthly payments. Is there any way to just pay you a lump sum for the year? That would be much simpler.

[You could take your lump sum and divide by 12. - Dave]

Good idea!

Done & dusted, my pleasure.

The least I could do ...

Dave -- I've been a follower of Shorpy since shortly after you started it. I check the site at least 3-4 times a week and have enjoyed -- and will continue to enjoy and appreciate -- as a supporter, what you and Ken do on a daily basis. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!!!

[Thank you. We'll do our best to do our best! - Dave]

And High Time, Too

I've gotten much, much pleasure from perusing Shorpy for lo these many years, and not a dime has it cost me. It's high time I paid up, and glad to do it. Many blessings upon you!


I have the double whammy of being an old geezer and a techno dunce . Therefore, still not sure what is happening. I read the Patreon post. I'm not "of big money" but I think $24 per year (Greaser) is dirt cheap for what Shorpy provides. That's about the same as one DVD rental from that "color" box at food stores. Shorpy is 24/7, 365 days per year enjoyable entertainment, with Dave's clever quips thrown in for free. However, does anything change under Patreon as far as viewing photos and making an occasional comment? It looks to me as though a person can still use Shorpy without paying, but doing so gives one a slight benefit (still not sure what a Greaser gets). Even without that, I would consider the small fee as a donation to help keep Shorpy running if that is what is needed. And here I thought Dave was making millions from ads. So let me summarize Dave and you tell me where I am wrong. With the Patreon involvement, nothing really changes except that we are helping with some of the expenses. To make that go down easier, we get a little something extra from the Shorpy experience to match the donation. We will still be able to view and comment as before with no need for night classes. My oh my, we old geezers hate change. Awaiting your answer so that I can become a Geezer-Greaser, or should that be Greaser-Geezer?


I'm very interested in this. In particular I'm interested in what upgrades you are planning for the comment section. I would love to see a modern managed comment section like Disqus. Can you tell me where you are leaning on this?

[Most likely it would be a newer version of our current platform (Drupal) with commenting and logon plug-ins for Disqus, Facebook, etc. - Dave]

Thank You!

I've just signed up. Thank you for all of the hard work you do to make life more interesting! I'm pleased to be able to support Shorpy.

[Thank you so much! - Dave]

Trapper Boy

I am pleased to support Shorpy as a Trapper Boy. I like the name choices for different levels of support. My seven year membership at no cost has allowed me to connect with you in a personal way that I would not have been able to do otherwise. Keep up the great work!

[Shorpy thanks you! - Dave]

I'm in

Just signed up. Anything this good should be worth something to me.

[Thank you! - Dave]

So, do I understand correctly,

that it will now cost me a minimum $24 a year to view Shorpy content? Wish you could have found another way. Goodbye, old friend.

[Um, no. You do not understand correctly. Please re-read the post! Questions? Ask them here. - Dave]

Thanks for the many years of work

If it will move us toward a world of comment pictures beyond 490 pixels, I'm in! I love the vintage photos on Shorpy, but not-so-love the vintage technology that delivers the goodness. But beyond that, it's a fitting (and more direct) "thank you" for the years of great content I've received.

[Thanks! - Dave]


Very happy to support your work! I am on your site almost every day and absolutely love what you do. THANK YOU!

[You're very welcome, and thanks! - Dave]

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