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Assimilates the Food: 1922

October 21, 1922. Washington, D.C. "Shriners barbecue." And a promotion for Prohibition-era Budweiser. National Photo Company glass negative. View full size.

October 21, 1922. Washington, D.C. "Shriners barbecue." And a promotion for Prohibition-era Budweiser. National Photo Company glass negative. View full size.


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Home Winemaking

I suspect that Grape Bouquet was probably sold as a do-it-yourself wine starter.

Almas Shriners

The location is Alton Farm at Sligo (Silver Spring), MD, part of the Crosby Stuart Noyes Estate, now known as Woodside Park. Another photograph from this picnic is seen at Blazing Saddles: 1922.

Washington Post, Nov 2, 1924

The Noyes mansion, with the 10 ½ acres of grounds surrounding it, on the Colesville pike, between Indian Springs club and Sligo, has been sold by the owner, Thomas E. Jarrell, to a syndicate. Plans for a a real subdivision are now under way, and an extensive building operation is planned.

The beautiful estate, famous as the home of the late Crosby S. Noyes, is well known to Washingtonians. Since Mr. Jarrell's ownership of the property, some of the leading organizations have held their summer outings here: namely the Acacia Mutual Life Association, Almas Temple, Board of Trade and the City club.

The trees and shrubbery surrounding the old home, brought from various parts of the world, are unequalled.

If I can't have a real beer

I'm at least gonna have a real cigarette, goshdarnit!

Guy at the right

Charles Schumer been a senator for HOW long?

Doin' it without the fez on

Now, there's a "G-Man" if I've ever seen one. And yes, I've seen one.

Hanging from the strings

Those are oyster knives.

Why don't we tell our wives

that we're going to a convention?

Oyster Knives?

The 'counter items' hanging down look like oyster knives, for opening oyster shells. And the rubble at the base of the counter could be the discarded shells.

Grape Bouquet

I never knew Anheuser-Busch made Grape Bouquet, which I assume was a soda and non-alchololic - who can enlighten me on this product - years it was made, other flavors, most popular where ? other info ?

Grape Bouquet

"Five cents a glass at all fountains" in the ad, but "Ten cents everywhere" in today's photo!

Counter Items

Could those be oyster knives hanging off the counter? And are those oyster shells (and paper cups) on the ground in front of that counter?

Hoffler's Sausage Imperial

Does that signify that it was served on a Kaiser roll, mit or mitout zauerkraut?

Those Hanging Things

Look to be knives for shucking oysters. There seem to be shells on the ground in front of the counter.

Re: Counter Items..

Oyster knives, possibly?

Prohibition Bud

I bet it was a better product than the beer is.

Beautiful Budweiser Banner

In this day of digital prints any color printing is relatively a breeze...I'm curious...would this banner be printed with a photo silk screen process? It has a really modern look. I'm a signpainter so am familiar with some of these processes but didn't know when they might have been introduced. I just love this site!

Counter Items

The counter on the right side of the photo has items hanging down that look to be anchored to a string. Are these knives or bottle openers? I can't tell what they are or their purpose since there seems to be plenty of help behind the counter.


Fake beer, fake wine -- next you're gonna tell me Sausage Imperial is made of tofu.

My kind of party

Sausages and Budweiser! You can have the Grape Bouquet, though. I like my beer to smell like select grains, and choice hops.


The fellow on the far left has a beautiful sandwich, but he might need two Buds to get through it! Near Beer on the Mall?

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