BUY PRINT    UPDATE: Our subject is Dr. James Harris Rogers (1856-1929) of Hyattsville, Md., inventor of the "loop aerial" and holder of numerous patents in telegraphy, telephony and radio:
August 16, 1929. A Veteran Inventor. About 6 miles from Washington, on the edge of the little hamlet of Hyattsville, Md., may be found Dr. James Harris Rogers, wizard inventor, now 80 years old, retired from his work but still erect and energetic. It was Dr. Rogers who during the war proved that water as well as earth and air is a medium for the transmission of electro-magnetic waves. Through the "well" located on his property, high officials heard German official reports.
Radio apparatus and unidentified operator circa 1930 in this unlabeled Harris & Ewing plate. Who can help us fill in the blanks? | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos