I found this Kodachrome slide in a old slide projector case a few years back. I could tell it was a rear-engine automobile and an older one at that. Upon inspection through a loupe it became obvious that this was the engine compartment of 1948 Tucker, a rare car indeed. I originally thought this picture was taken in a showroom, but the dealer plates on the car are from 1951 and the car appeared to have been driven (there's even some rust if you look carefully). So, I contacted Jay Follis, President of the Tucker Automobile Club of America and sent him the scan. He said, "from looking at the photo and the plate I would guess this car to be number #1048, which was part of a traveling exhibit in the 1950's." That's Tucker #48, there were only 51 cars made. In August of 2008, Tucker #1038 (also in Moss Green) sold for $1,017,500. I have since donated the original slide to the Tucker Historical Collection. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos