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Shiny Datsun: 1971

Shiny Datsun: 1971

August 1971. A car that today you'd most likely see as a rusting hulk in a junkyard or vacant lot, and clothes in a Goodwill. My brother and sister-in-law pose with their 1967 Datsun Bluebird parked on my father's garage ramp on Walnut Avenue in Larkspur, California. All kidding aside, I think they're both pretty snappily dressed, and her expression is pricelessly inscrutable. My Kodachrome slide. View full size.

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I think she's amused

I think she's amused actually. I sense a definite "That's my brother taking the picture" type feeling from her. With that in mind, I would guess she's a bit older than her brother.

[The photographer is the girl's brother-in-law. The guy in the photo, her husband, is his brother. - Dave]

Meet the Swinger ...

... Polaroid Swinger. For some reason this reminds me of that insidiously catchy jingle.

LeMans San Bernardino

That dealership brings back memories.

Desert boots!

I must have worn out 10 pairs of those crepe-soled, ankle high boots with the soft brushed leather. Most comfortable footgear I ever owned until they began making running shoes that were light and flexible. Haven't seen a pair for years, so I doubt they even make them any longer.

Easy Guess

I think you could classify that expression as "resigned"; she knows that the picture has to be taken and will be taken!

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