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The Last Yule Log: 1984

December 24, 1984. My father's last Christmas Eve, twenty-five years ago this week. View full size.

December 24, 1984. My father's last Christmas Eve, twenty-five years ago this week. View full size.

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Lots of love

Oh, tterrace, you have done it again--brought a sigh from my heart. This beautiful photo and your explanation are just full of love. I don't even know you, but I know your family had something very special. You were a very fortunate boy growing up, and I envy you.

Classic American Holiday

Reminds me of so much during my youth. The websters dictionary has been replaced by google, and there isn't a television in sight.

Norman Rockwell

I had no idea you were Norman Rockwell's son.


That cat is just the best.
I can feel his coziness through my screen. Maybe even hear a hint of a purr.


I definitely see this as a Norman Rockwell arrangement. A very nice capture of an everyday event. Thanks tterrace for sharing your archive of images with us. Holiday blessings to you and yours.

Happy Holidays...

I love the newspaper on top of the wood. It allows me to guess it might be Christmas Eve, even though I can't see the tree.

So, Happy Holidays isn't so new, despite what people like to say as of late.

Great Image

You're lucky to have a photo of your father like this one - really shows someone in deep reflection!

Great one

What a touching picture, tterrace. Is that house still there, and if so, does it still look anything (on the outside, anyway) like it did back when you knew it?


Thanks for sharing this picture. It must mean a lot to you; it means a lot to me and it's not my father.

Merry Christmas!

Love it!

What a perfect image, and the fact that it was his last makes it even more beautiful. Though my dad isn't really one to sit back and look at the fire, he is a cat person (as was his father, who I never got to meet).

Can you identify any of the photos or kickknacks around the fireplace? And what's the kitty's name?

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