My ex-husband's grandmother, Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture, in her AEF Red Cross nurse's uniform. "Andy" served in France during WWI. Although she was a Mohawk from the Six Nations Reserve, in Southern Ontario, she served with the American Forces. She was the first Native woman in Canada to be trained as a nurse. However, because of racial attitudes in the day, no hospital in Canada would train an "Indian". She applied and was accepted at the New Rochelle Hospital, in New York, and trained there as a nurse, becoming a school nurse. When the Americans joined the War, she signed up, too. She served at Buffalo Base Hospital 23, in Vittelles, France. She returned home to Six Nations after the war, serving her people as a nurse until 1955. She died just short of her 106th birthday, in 1996. It was a privilege to have known her. (As a side note, she had the opportunity to dance with Eddie Rickenbacker when he visited the hospital. She said he was "a bit full of himself"...) | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos