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John McCain: 1973

John McCain: 1973

April 24, 1973. "Interview with Lt. Commander John S. McCain, Vietnam prisoner of war." Medium format negative by Thomas J. O'Halloran. View full size.

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Young Buck Back In The Day

Weren't we all.


Wow! This is almost eerie. He was quite a strapping young buck back in the day.


This really is "The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog"!

Young McCain.

Wow! Impressive.

Film Format

Do you know, Dave, if this photo is cropped? It seems to be the right dimensions to have been shot on a 2x3 Century Graphic, or a later 6x9cm press camera - Graflex XL or Mamiya Press, say.

Sorry. I'm just a sucker for medium-format existing-light portraiture.

[Barely cropped. Full frame below. - Dave]

Mr McCain

I guess he used to smoke. That's OK, so did I. I admire the man.


John McCain was more attractive in his younger days than one might imagine.

McCain Interview

Thanks so much for posting the link to that amazing interview. I read the entire article, and found it fastenating, especially in today's context. I was young and in the Air Force during the Viet Nam era. I was stationed on Guam when Nixon ordered the bombing of Hanoi. Day and night the B-52s would roar down the runway headed for a round trip bombing run over Vietnam. During the ramped up bombing, I had visited with a B-52 pilot I knew earlier at one of my other stations, and he was very aware of what was at stake. Just as there is very much at stake in 2008. Will we repeat history, I wonder?

Time is

Hey, I came to see realy old pictures, not


35 years is old so you get a pass.

At least it's before color was invented.

There's a famous dude whos always in the news with the same name as this guy.

[So when was color invented? - Dave]

McCain Interview 1973

Here's the 1973 McCain POW article for which this photo was taken. It was recently republished on as a Campaign 2008 point of interest.

Re: Richard Gere

He actually looks more like Tom Cruise.

Richard Gere

Are you sure this isn't Richard Gere playing the part of a Navy Officer? He's done it before.

[Um, yes. We're sure. Next! - Dave]

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