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Coney Island: c. 1904

Visitors stroll on the boardwalk at Dreamland, Coney Island, N.Y., c. 1904. View full size.

Visitors stroll on the boardwalk at Dreamland, Coney Island, N.Y., c. 1904. View full size.


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Tall Building

The tall building - the Dreamland Tower - no longer exists. The entire park burned to the ground on May 27, 1911. Dreamland (the park) was never rebuilt.

Tall Building

No, there's nothing like that there now. You will only find "Shoot The Freak."


I believe the "spot" shadows are created by the low swag of flags; each shadow lines up with a flag.

Tall building?

Anyone know what ever happened to the tall building near the middle of the photo? I looked up some modern pictures of Coney Island and don't see anything resembling it.

Flags & Hats

Look carefully and you'll see a string of flags that are causing those shadows.

People's obsession with hats during this period never ceases to amaze me. The guy in the lower left corner is both carrying a hat and wearing one! Back then, if a person dared to venture outside without a head covering of some sort, I wonder if they might've been arrested for streaking.


See the line of small flags? That's where the shadows are coming from.


See that line of shadows on the boardwalk that runs right in front of the lion statue? Now when this line of shadows line up with the steeple with a cross find the shadow that is closest the cross. Okay? Now take a look up at the steeple itself. Do you see anything that could have been creating that shadow? So either those dark spots on the boardwalk aren't really shadows, but some sort of stained or wet spots, or else something is missing in the photo that had to have made the shadows. Man, these are some amazing time capsules. You have done a wondrous job of putting all this together. My compliments...


It appears that there is a tightrope walkers wire stretched across the large pool or beach area on the right hand side of the picture.

wow! looks amazing. like a

wow! looks amazing.
like a futures past version of the town.
more grand than it is now or will be after the current moneysmiths get their hands on it.


This must have been before The Warriors.

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