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Cheesecake in Drapery: c 1918

Cheesecake in Drapery: c 1918

Actress Edith Roberts poses for a publicity shot for Mack Sennett Productions. Roberts got her start as a child actor on the vaudeville circuit. Later she starred in a number of silent films. Her filmography lists 154 titles. View full size.

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Grandma at the beach

I doubt if either of my grandmothers went to the beach, but I feel sorry for them if they had to dress like this.

Jiffy pop

rump. Could they have deflated her rear for the pic?


Y'ever wonder where all these old clothes are now? They gotta be somewhere.

Mack Sennett

...mostly made slapstick comedies. I doubt he was trying flatter her. He was trying to make her look amusing.

It's True

her sister was actress Leona Roberts (1) who was in Of Mice and Men with Burgess Meredith (2) who was in Rocky with Sylvester Stallone (3) who was in Rambo with Richard Crenna (4) who was in the Flamingo Kid with Matt Damon (5)who was in Wild Thing with Kevin Bacon (6)

The hat

has got to go

It's interesting to see

It's interesting to see these early photos and understand how the techniques have changed over the years. Look at that pose - talk about awkward. While, yes, our modern bikini models often strike some pretzel-like poses, the pose above is just strange and doesn't make for a very flattering photo when viewed through our modern lens.

Please, some decorum

I come here for nostalgic looks back at the past, not smut like this! Honestly, children might look at this.

I hope you're proud of yourself, Mr. Smutmonger.

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