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Family and Friends: 1950s

Family and Friends: 1950s

I don't know who all the people are, but the woman third from the left is grandmother Carrie Fox and the woman farthest to the right I only know as "Babe" (who, if I remember right, was the maid). If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say this is the early fifties. View full size.

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She's telling a story

That's what the rapt attention is all about. It's gossip. "She did what?"

Things are gonna change, or else

"We ARE going to do some belt tightening around here! First, your allowances are going to be cut, and Grandma, you are going to get a job."


My first impression was of an ad hoc meeting to storm the nearest PTA! As noted, a grand array of emotions displayed here!

To be, or not to be

Except for the baby, all the kids seem so discouraged -- especially the little boy on the right, who looks like he's about to start soliloquizing.

Good Catch Mal

I, too, say Babe the maid looks more like Family and Friends, than a maid.

Mixed Emotions

The woman on the far left appears to be making a statement of demonstration or some kind. She is being met with a mixture of reactions, ranging from boredom (the kids), deep interest (Carrrie and the two women holding children), amusment (Babe and the lone guy) and anger (the woman standing next to Babe.)

A Close Resemblance

Babe the maid reminds me of another maid, the one in the cartoon "Hazel."

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