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Brothers: 1912/1985

Brothers: 1912/1985

1912: My father (right) and his younger brother pose for a traveling photographer outside their home in Santa Rosa, California. 1985: 73 years later, they reenact the photo for my sister in our yard in Larkspur on May 25, 1985. This was the last time they were together; my father passed away six months later, and my uncle in 1988. View full size.

Re: My Dad

My father was born in July 1918 and his father died just three months later from the flu. Same thing here, I have only seen two or three pictures of my grandfather.

Re: digital images

Gosh, I have the same fear, mitrajoon, about the future of our current digital images. I feel confident that if the photo file is opened and updated over the years then it will stay current and openable, but what if you come upon a file from 2019 in 2119 that hasn’t been clicked on for a century? The thought is vaguely terrifying.


I appreciate that tterrace posted the 1985 photo on the anniversary of its taking. The next day, today, May 26, was my dad’s birthday. He died seven years ago and was born in 1925. I miss him and think about him a lot. On this day, my siblings and I honour him with a round of e-mails filled with remembrances and speculations.


Beautiful images for all the reasons cited by others. Can't help thinking that a digital image taken in 2012 is far less likely to survive to 2085, let alone 2119.

Happy Parting Shot

This is really nice to see. These gentlemen lived thru some tough times and left smiling. Thanks for sharing this.

My Dad

He was born in 1915, his dad died in 1919 during the flu pandemic. He used to always say "Get me in that photo, my dad died before I was 4 years old and there were no pictures of him" He didn't know what his father looked like. This is a great photo.

Thank You

Thank you tterrace for sharing your family pictures. I never did know much of my dad's family because they were so much older and lived far away from us but we treasured the times when we did have a family reunion. Keep the memories coming.

You're very lucky tterrace!!!!

I would love have seen my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. at 60, 70, 80, etc. But unfortunately my family died YOUNG. So I live vicariously through Tterrace's photos of his family. A strong loving family! Love the pictures!!!! Makes me smile.

Brothers in arms

Excellent Tterrace. Keep them coming. Although I am on the other side of the world I always appreciate your pics.


That's the best thing I've seen in a long long time.

Wonderful picture.

You are a lucky person to have such a comprehensive Photographic record of your family!

I think if you had submitted only the 1912 photo, anonymously, with no caption, most of the regulars here could have identified it as being yours!


This would make an incredible greeting card. I have nothing else to say except that this is a truly sweet shot.

About your uncle

Hey tterrace, where did your uncle live? Was he close by, so you could see him regularly, or did he live far away? What he do for a living, anyway?

Got me some bibs

I agree, what a beauty. Thanks for posting.

Don't know what it is

about your images tterrace but even the simplest among them affect me. Maybe it's because they are the same pictures of my years growing up that were never taken. All these recorded experiences happened to me too. All but a fraction exist now in memory only.



Just think how much change the world had seen in those 73 years.
And is scary to think that 1985 is already 26 years ago!

Wonderful picture

I so enjoy the pictures submitted by tterrace; especially this one. THANKS!


Wonderful pix, tterrace. I love it that the brothers are smiling brightly in the "after" picture.

Brothers Forever

What a sweet duo.

Nice hipster clothes.

I love that they're both about the same build in relation to one another after seven decades.


I love this photo! Keep up the great family memories tterrace!!!! Love them!!!


I have always enjoyed your postings. The picture of your dad and his brother is particularly touching.

As I See It

It's my belief that these two brothers are together right now.


One of my favorite pics from Tterrace. 73 years later with almost the same pose. I love it.

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