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Night Watch: 1910

Night Watch: 1910

November 1910. Birmingham, Alabama. "A.D.T. boys (telegraph messengers). 'They all smokes.' " Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine. View full size.


Illinois Central

That's the Illinois Central/Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad map on the window, judging by the mainline that stretches from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico and the maze of branch lines in the Mississippi Delta. Birmingham is the far eastern reach of the empire, on the right side of the map.

Smoking is Bad

None of them is around today. That's what smoking can do to you.

Tough hombres

They are not even out of knickers yet! What's the matta with kids today?

Since the e-mail was invented

It left us out of a job.


At what age did one stop wearing knickers and start wearing pants?

[When one stops getting taller. - Dave]

Snap that shutter quick

before we all start coughing.

Young Toughs

Was this a casting call for an ADT Burglar Alarm commercial? The boys look to be trying hard for the part!

Is the gent standing at the left edge admiring "modern" art, or a crack in the railroad's window?

[Ha ha. That's a route map. - Dave]

re: Either Phone

Nowadays, many of us have multiple email addresses. Even multiple phone numbers. No fundamental difference.

Da Coach

The guy on the right is telling them to "give em some Moxie."
All but one is successful.

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