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Cardiff-by-the-Sea: 1960

Cardiff-by-the-Sea: 1960

The man who looks like he's ready to hunt a giant shark is Bob Beach. Behind him is Bob's son, Rob, and next to Rob is his grandma. Taken on Crest Drive in Cardiff, California, June 1960. 35mm Kodachrome slide. View full size

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also Whoa

I used to ride my bike there in the 60's and 70's; lots of great folks along there. Anybody remember any Gardners along that road?

Re: Whoa!

I'd rather not give the address as the Beaches still live there. I will say that there is now a large porch/patio where the grass is, a sizable garage where the car is, and a big tree between the two (it may very well be the tree in the photo but I don't know for sure).


My wife used to live on Crest back in the early 80s! Does anyone know at which address this was taken?

I'd love to do a comparison shot. I go to Encinitas all the time.

'57 Chevy

Lovely car, we had a Bel Air 4 door hardtop, Corvette power pack and that awful PowerGlide two-speed tranny. A great car for a high school kid; made a wonderful noise when a small hole "appeared" in the mufflers. Who knew that the '55 to '57 designs become such icons of Chevy history. If I remember correctly, the bumpers were set up to take those guards so the dealer could add them.

Shark-Hunter Bob's flip-flops

Then called "thongs," they've come a long way from the flimsy, inexpensive rubber ones of 1960. Now we have a lot more options in style, quality, composition and variety. We used to get ones like those pictured for about $.39/pair at Thrifty Drug Store or Woolworth's here in San Diego, all cheaply produced in Japan.

Nice Chevy. V-8 even.

You reckon ol' Bob liked get it sideways every now and again?

Vertical bumper guards

Were they a dealer accessory or factory option?

Learning to Drive

I learned to drive in a '57 Chev 2 door Bel Air in 1960. It was missing the big "V" because it was a "Six Banger" with PowerGlide. It was my father's first automatic transmission car, it only had two gears, low and high and no power steering.


Want. The. Chevy.


Certainly a '57 Chevy, but since we can't see the side trim "wedge" it could also be a 210. But Bob Beach does look like a man who would be driving the top of the line Bel Air, don't you think?

Chevy Coupe

The car is a classic 1957 Chevrolet two-door hardtop. Yellow and white. It has a V8 engine, denoted by the chrome V on the trunk lid. Wish it were mine.

Unmistakable Fin

1957 Chevy Bel Air is what I would guess.

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